Pendergrass: Several Offers In Hand

After a season in which he rushed for nearly a thousand yards and just under ten yards a carry splitting time, Brandon Pendergrass is quite content with the interest in recruiting. So far the Royal Palm Beach, Fla. running back holds seven offers and could pick up even more next year.

"It's been going well, I have a couple of offers," said the modest 5-foot-9, 190-pounder. "I have offers from Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Troy, Ohio, Wake Forest, Minnesota, and Duke.

"I don't have any favorites yet, but I've just been looking through all of them looking through the schools at the systems they run and how each of them work."

Pendergrass said a few schools want to see him in camp, including Florida State

"They haven't said anything about an offer, they just said they need to see how I do this year during the season and if I do good an offer could be coming. I am pretty happy with the offers I have, but I am probably going to wait a while and see how this season turns out."

If the season turns out like the goals he has set, those offers could explode pretty quickly.

"I want to better our record from last year, get deep in the playoffs, and play at the best level I can play at.

"I am going to bring my focus, I am going to be leading and trying to get everybody on the right track. On the field I am just trying to find the holes, get to them, and go. This summer I am trying to work in the weight room trying to bulk up and gain weight; I am mainly focusing on my legs. Right now I am around 190 and want to be about 197 this fall."

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