Interview: Anthony Gurley

DeaconSports recently had a chance to sit down and talk to Anthony Gurley about his thoughts on the Wake Forest experience so far and the team's prospects. The following is our Q&A session with Gurley

Michael Jennings: You have been down here for several weeks now so what does a nice kid from Massachusetts think so far of the south.
Anthony Gurley: I really like it, the atmosphere, the guys and things are going real well so far.

MJ: Do you think this team may surprise some people this year? A lot of "experts" are picking you for last place, that isn't going to happen is it?
AG: No, definitely not. I really like what I have seen so far from our players, we have good depth at each position, everybody is working extremely hard, we are in the weight room every day and playing a lot of ball. We are all working hard towards our goal of winning the conference this year.

MJ: You have seen all of your fellow freshmen and all of the upperclassmen play this year, so give us a breakdown real quick of their games. Give me a one word answer that comes to mind when I mention a player and let's start with Ish.

MJ: How about LD?
AG: Explosive

MJ: Chas?
AG: Potential

MJ: Casey?
AG: Shooter

MJ: Harvey?
AG: Machine

MJ: Kyle?
AG: Leader

MJ: Drum?
AG: Calm

MJ: Dukes?
AG: Animal

MJ: Jamie?
AG: Confidence

MJ: Cameron?
AG: Stronger

MJ: Kevin?
AG: Toughness

MJ: Weaver?
AG: Hard-working

MJ: Anthony Gurley?
AG: Teammate

MJ: Didn't your Dad go to WSSU?
AG: Yes he went there for two years and has some friends down here and that is pretty cool

MJ: What are some other things you have noticed about some of your teammates so far?
AG: Ish really is in control out there and you have to be alert for some of his fancy passes. LD is just a crazy athlete and a great guy. He and I hit it off on my visit here and we have stayed close ever since. Kyle is really working hard and has made a lot of improvements just about every time out. Cameron is playing maybe the best of everyone here until he tweaked his ankle but he is fine now. Joe Dukes has played hard, smart, when I have seen him and will surprise some people this year. Mike Drum is just a great guy and good leader who we all look up to. D-weave has really gotten strong and has spent a lot of time in the weight room. Kevin is pushing everybody in lifting and is really working hard. Chas has to add some strength but has put on around 10-15 lbs since he has been here. He really has a lot of good moves inside. Jamie Skeen is really talented and I expect him to have a great year. Harvey Hale really gets after it and is a scoring machine. Casey Crawford is a really good shooter and bangs very hard inside as well. I have some work to do on improving my handle but I will get it done and will do whatever Coach Prosser needs me to do to help this team.

MJ: Isn't it just awful that your first real game as a freshman will have to be in the Bahamas?
AG: (laughs) Yes, it is just terrible. Actually we can't wait to start practice and get over there because it will really help us getting started early like that.

MJ: After watching most of the games here in the Rusty Larue League, I have come off with an impression of a bunch of kids who love playing BB and work very hard at it. I must say also that the lack of Defense here is not something that will work when ACC teams come calling.
AG: Oh, definitely. Everyone on this team is very hungry this year. We want to prove that we can be in the top 5 in this conference and maybe even #1. We are working towards that every day and we definitely want to regroup and make people forget about last year.

MJ: Most of you, and the other players in the ACC, were the leading scorers on your High School teams so everyone can score. The question will be how do you prepare to play the kind of defense that will hamper the other teams from scoring?
AG: I think the coaches will do a great job preparing us for what we have to do to play good defense. All of our guys understand the necessity of playing defense and we are really hungry to learn.

MJ: Deacon fans everywhere are really looking forward to watching you guys play and get better this year. Anything you want to say to them?
AG: The fans are still with us after last year and we are going to work very hard to make sure we are better and make the fans proud of us. Our chemistry is great and our desire to have a good year will help overcome our youth and inexperience. I am really happy and proud to have been accepted at Wake and look forward to representing our fans this year

MJ: Thanks and good luck Anthony
AG: Yes sir, you are welcome

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