Interview: L.D. Williams

DeaconSports had a chance to talk to freshman L.D. Williams and get his thoughts on the upcoming Basketball season. The following is a Q&A with one of the best athletes in the Atlantic Coast Conference, L.D. Williams.

Michael Jennings - LD you really put on a dunking show in the Rusty Larue league this summer.
L.D. Williams - Thanks, it was fun to play with some of my future Wake teammates.

MJ - How do you see this season going?
LD - I think we are going to be real good and we will definitely play hard all the time.

MJ - Tell me a little about Harvey Hale when you played against him.
LD - Harvey is a great shooter and I think he will show that this year when he moves back to his natural position. He was under a lot of pressure last year and this season he will be able to relax a little and do his thing.

MJ - Every one of you guys are coming from winning programs and have proven yourselves to be winners. What do you think about all the people and "experts" picking Wake for last place this year?
LD - We have a lot to prove to everyone after last seasons record. We hope people expect a lot out of us but it really don?t matter because we expect a lot out of ourselves. We work hard in the weight room everyday and on the track running so we will be in great shape for the season. To be picked last in our conference, it hurts you know. We don?t plan on letting the fans be disappointed again this year because they have remained loyal to Wake despite last year.

MJ - Getting back to your fellow Wake players, you played against Chas and AG so how would you break down their games?
LD - Chas has some real good post moves and the only thing is that he will need to get stronger. I think Chas will be good. As for AG, he is just flat out a scorer. We talked all season and have become good friends and we clicked from the first day we met during his visit.

MJ - Seems like Kevin Swinton and David Weaver have bulked up quite a bit since last season.
LD - Oh yeah, D-Weave has had a whole year of working out and lifting and he has gone from 220 to about 245 and solid muscle. Kevin is about the strongest guy on the team and brings a lot of athleticism and toughness to the team.

MJ - All the returning players like Joe, CamStan, Kevin, Viss, Harvey, Drum have told you what to expect right?
LD - Yes, the biggest thing they told us that would be different and harder is the conditioning.

MJ - You are from this area anyway so I guess you know a lot about the teams you will be playing against. So maybe it will give you a little advantage than some of the guys from other parts of the country.
LD - It still will be different than watching and then playing on the same floor against teams you have heard about all your life. When I step on the floor for the first time it will be a dream come true for me.

MJ - Tell me about your game.
LD - I am a hard working, athletic kid who, through the grace of God, got a scholarship to play for Wake Forest. I will do whatever the coaches want me to do to make this team play better. Whether it is 5-10 minutes per game or 30-40, I will do whatever it takes. I am not a me guy, I am a we guy and I came here to be part of something special at Wake Forest.

MJ - Your mom and dad are at every game so that has to be a positive for you.
LD - Oh yeah, definitely. My mom is my rock, without her I would not be where I am. She is my harshest critic because she wants the best for me and from me. She knows the game of basketball and will not hesitate to tell me when I messed up but will also tell me when I did good. My dad is everywhere and even came to my games in Florida. He is my #1 support guy who gives me constructive pointers like getting more height on my jump shots or not forget to follow through. He pushes me every day to get in the gym and get better.

MJ - Let?s talk about some of the other Wake players and tell me what you think they bring to the team. Joe Dukes?
LD - Hard worker who has springs in his legs.

MJ - Viss?
LD - Strong guy who will block you if you aren?'t real careful.

MJ - Casey?
LD - Very good shooter but another guy who needs to get stronger and then look out!

MJ - Drum?
LD - Great guy whom you can?'t leave open.

MJ - Jamie?
LD - Man he has a lot of talent! He could be scary good and he is so smooth.

MJ - Cameron?
LD - Another real smooth player who is really explosive.

MJ - Ish
LD - Dude is super fast and a real good passer. He will make us all better.

MJ - Are you ready for the season?
LD - Oh yeah! Man I can?t wait for practice to start before we go to the Bahamas because we are all ready to go over there and represent Wake Forest and get our fans excited.

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