Quotable: Riley Skinner

Quotes from quarterback Riley Skinner after Saturday's game.

Media: Were you nervous about coming in once Ben was injured?
Riley Skinner: "Of course the first collegiate snap, you've got a little butterflies. We came out and had a little miscommunication on the first play. I had some jitters but shook that off."

Media: Does having Micah Andrews back there help you?
Riley Skinner: Micah's a heck of a running back. I think everyone knows that. When he gets the ball, you get the feeling he'll get a good amount of yards. He's a hard runner. It takes a lot for him to go down. It's a real good feeling have a great running back in the backfield with you."

Media: There was the fumble and then a sack on your first two plays. Were you worried at that point?
Riley Skinner: "It's good to get in there and get the feel of everything. I wasn't too worried about it. I settled down after that. The offensive line, they were all jumping around with me, making it easy, making me loose. It's good to have support from the offensive line when you need it the most, and the receivers and the backfield and the coaches. We had a couple of sketchy plays by me but luckily we got through it and got the victory which was the ultimate goal."

Media: You looked as if you were comfortable on the last drive.
Riley Skinner: "By then, I settled down, got the jitters out and we punched the ball in and got the win."

Media: Ben Mauk was the leader of this offense and of this team. How do you expect the team to rally around you?
Riley Skinner: "We really do have a close team all-around. Whether 1st string or 2nd string, we've got great camaraderie on the team. Unfortunately Ben went down,[but] nobody got their head down. That was a good feeling for me. The team kind of rallied around me."

Media: Are you ready for this. You'll be the #1 quarterback probably for the rest of the season for an ACC program.
Riley Skinner: "I've been going against our defense and Brett Hodges has too against one of the best defenses in the league. We're going against the first team. We get good looks from them and get a look at the speed of the game. Obviously it'll be a little faster when you get on the field but I think we'll be ready for the rest of the season with the team."

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