Quotable: Bryan Andrews

Quotes from Bryan Andrews following Wake's contest with Syracuse on Saturday evening.

Media: Coming out of high school, you were one of the nation's top recruits. You seem like you've been waiting to explode and I think you did so tonight. How'd tonight feel for you?
Bryan Andrews: "It felt good, real good. In high school, I was a Parade All-American. I was top 25 in the country at my position and this and that. They expected me to come in and make an impact and I really didn't. That hurt me and they don't know that. With all that was said to me, that hurt me. With this being my last year, I felt like it's my responsibility to step it up. This is my last year here, I can't let them go. If I let them down, it's like my scholarship is a waste."

Media: You got a win and pulled away with a close game. How does that affect your mindset knowing you beat a Big East team in a close battle.
Bryan Andrews: "We got a win and that's always good. All around, our confidence went up. Our defense did good and our offense did too. Our offense stepped up with our captain went down. Overall, this built up our confidence."

Media: In the first half, Syracuse had over 100 yards. In the second half, Syracuse picked up just 12 yards. Did you change something in the second half?
Bryan Andrews: "We were a little upset the way we ended the first half. When the second half came up, we felt like we had something to prove. We came out and played hard and played well. Coach Grobe motivates us to be like that. We're a greedy team and keep fighting."

Media: Defensive MVP. Who would you say that would be?
Bryan Andrews: "Coach Hood, it'd have to be Coach Hood."

Media: Is that because you think he'll read the website and won't make you run as much this week?
Bryan Andrews: "No, no. He can make me run all he wants. I'm a horse. I'll get out there running. I can run.

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