Prosser Impresses Patterson's Family

This past week Patrick Patterson and his family listened to in home pitches from Kentucky, Duke, Wake Forest and Florida. How did the visits go? Is Wake Forest still in the picture? Deaconsports has the scoop!

Patrick Patterson, a five-star PF, hosted four high major programs this past week for in home visits. Buster Patterson, Patrick's father, shared his thoughts on the visits.

"We went down to Gainesville and then Monday Tubby came by and did an in house visit. Then Coach K came in and did an in house visit. Skip Prosser was here Thursday and he's a good man and was one of the first ones to offer him sophomore year. Then Friday Billy came back through again. Right now we are waiting for Coach Beilen to come in on Monday and Virigina on Tuesday."

After the in home visits, the next step will be to finish taking official visits. Patterson already took his official to Florida and has visit dates set up for Kentucky and Duke. He is also working on a date to travel to Winston-Salem.

"We haven't narrowed a date down yet," Buster Patterson said of a visit to Wake Forest. "But yes the conversation has come up we just haven't narrowed a date down yet that's convenient for us and them and that conversation has gone back and forth."

When Skip Prosser was in Huntington on Thursday he talked to the Patterson family about a vision that he has for's 11th ranked player.

"Like most all of them said they have a vision for Patrick and they want him to be apart of making the vision come true. He didn't promise that he's going to start, all the coaches said that. And I respect that because you get that starting spot in practice. All of them are saying the same thing."

Many have written off the Demon Deacons, but the elder Patterson said it's way too early for that and maintained that they are very much in the picture.

"Wake Forest first of all is a great academic school and one of the top schools in the country as far as academics. We like the location, we like the campus and they've been there. We got much love for Wake Forest. You can't go wrong there either."

"You can't really go wrong any of the schools he is choosing from. They are great academic schools. Academics will always be the first and for most important thing. Wake Forest is a school we'll visit. Like I said they offered him basketball scholarship when he was just a sophomore."

Patterson will choose between Kentucky, Duke, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Wake Forest. Patterson plans on taking all five of his officials before coming forth with a decision.

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