One Family To Another

Demon Deacon offensive lineman commitment Doug Weaver certainly had no shortage of opportunities before deciding to pledge his verbal commitment to Wake Forest. In June, Weaver decided to join the Wake Forest football family, a decision he knows he won't regret.

When Doug Weaver committed to Wake Forest in June, he knew it was the right place for him. Weaver, who had committed to Duke last September, backed off of his verbal commitment after a change in Duke's coaching staff. Now, Weaver is 100% committed to Wake Forest and is looking forward to arriving on campus on July 5th.

"It feels like I'm leaving my family to go to another big family," he said. "There's nothing against the other guys that recruited me, but Wake made it seem so much about me, about me being happy. They even said ‘if you go somewhere else we'll praise you and hope you're happy and not put you down.' They're not just looking out for their football team, but their recruits as people. For them to say that before I was a part of that team says it all."

While Weaver was certainly solid to Wake Forest prior to the Deacons' strong start, he is excited to see the Demon Deacons off to a 4-0 start heading into this weekend's home game against Liberty. "To tell you the truth, I'm proud of my boys," Weaver said. "I was texting the coach after the Ole Miss win. I told him that I was a Deacon before going 4-0. I was bleeding black and gold before any of that. But it's fun to see them 4-0 and I'd love to see them keep winning and go to a bowl game. It's great, and especially with a starting quarterback down and a questionable running back now in Andrews and to see them do such a great job and win these games is great."

"I'm very happy to be associated with the Demon Deacons," an enthused Weaver continued. "To those people who feel like they can go undefeated, I'm with them. We lost games by just small margins last year to good teams. That lets you know Wake Forest is a contender in every game they're in. If things go a little different, Wake would have been close to undefeated last year."

So far, Weaver has been able to attend a couple of Wake Forest home games and plans to attend the rest of the Deacons' home games this season. With that, he has been able to meet several of Wake's players as well recruits. "It's unbelievable the type of kids they have on the field and they're as good as students. It feels good going to somewhere I'm comfortable. If I'm not comfortable, I won't do the best of my ability and that's why I chose Wake Forest."

His senior year is all that remains before the 3-star offensive lineman heads off to Wake Forest. "I'm trying to enjoy my senior year as much as I can but I'm telling you, it's going to be a different atmosphere up there next year. I'm ready. I'll be seeing my family and girlfriend on some weekends, but during the week it's Wake Forest and Wake Forest football."

Although Weaver has played well this season in leading Person High School to a 3-2 record, he admits he must continue to improve his play to prepare himself for college football and make his high school team better. "To tell you the truth, if any player tells you they're doing perfect, they're not a good player," Weaver said. "I always feel I can improve parts of my game as should everybody. You should never be satisfied."

"I think the biggest thing I need to work on is my downfield blocking," he continued. "I might not hit a linebacker clean enough or I might hit him and scrape off. If I can work on that, I think I can help my team more and be a better player. All in all I feel like I played a good first half of football."

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