Diehl Close To Closing The Deal

It is almost decision time for Byrnes (SC) linebacker Chad Diehl. A 6'2, 235-pound prospect from one of the nation's elite football programs, Diehl plans to visit Wake Forest this weekend and make his college decision soon afterwards.

For some time now, Chad Diehl has held offers from Duke and Virginia Tech and recently added an offer from Marshall. Duke's staff was recently pressuring Diehl to commit but opted to wait out an offer from Wake Forest instead. "I was thinking about it," Diehl said of Duke's offer.

"Duke was pressuring me to commit but I didn't do that and ended up waiting," he noted. "A week later I talked to Coach Henry on the telephone and I told him they were pressuring me and I said I needed to know if they were going to offer. He said let me call you back, he talked to Coach Lambert and they called me back with good news that night."

With the offer from Wake Forest in hand, Diehl expects to make a decision in the near future – and Wake Forest will likely receive good news from the Duncan, South Carolina native. I would say Wake is leading the pack," Diehl noted.

"At Byrnes, one of the reasons we win and why the players enjoy it is because everyone is fiends and we're all a big family. It's the same at Wake. I got a chance to go in the locker room and everyone came up to me and said they saw me on ESPN and asking my name and all that. They were all nice. You would normally think in a college atmosphere everything is different and you expect them to be cocky but they weren't. I also like the coaches too and what they're doing this year."

Diehl plans to take an unofficial visit to Wake Forest for their contest against Clemson this week. He may make his decision shortly thereafter. "I'll probably go this weekend and [the coaches will] have a lot on their mind. It could happen this weekend but more likely Monday after I get a real good feel with my family. Monday or Tuesday I'd say."

If the Deacs can garner the commitment of Diehl, Wake will add a linebacker/defensive lineman much in the same mold as current commitment Tristan Dorty.

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