Deacon Hoops Pick-Up Report

Notes from the basketball team's pick-up game this week at the Miller Center on-campus in Winston-Salem.

- Trent Strickland was very optimistic about the upcoming season when we talked with him. He said he thought the team would be "very good" in 2002-2003. Strickland was as tall as advertised and looks to have the ability to hang with ACC-caliber players, even this early in his career. Unfortunately we didn't get too see too much of his much-heralded defense during their game.

- Justin Gray looked very good when he played with Dawson, Scott, and Strickland in a game of "21" at the Miller Center. Gray is a very athletic guard with a great stroke and good hops. A nice guy too...He's going to be a good one during his career at Wake Forest.

- Craig Dawson told us that he is planning on signing and heading to Spain to play professional basketball in the coming months.

- Antwan Scott was his normal self, joking around throughout his time in the Miller Center. Scott is also expecting to play professionally overseas.

- On the injury front, word is that Josh Howard's ankle is still causing him some trouble. Steve Lepore's recovery from his knee injury is said to be going better than expected. Meanwhile, Dshamal Schoetz is doing well recovering from his knee injury and his body is expected to be 100% ready when the season comes around. Will his game be ready as well?

- A host of women's basketball players were also in the Miller Center playing pick-up during our time there. NCAA Champion tennis star Bea Bielik joined the ladies in their pick-up game.

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