Deac Commit Stamper Does It All

If you've seen West Forsyth's football team play even one down this year, chances are you've seen John Stamper play. That's because between his time at linebacker, safety, running back, punter, kicker, handling kickoffs, and playing special teams, there's no part of the game Stamper doesn't get involved in.

John Stamper, who gave his verbal commitment to Wake Forest in April of this year, was recruited to play free safety, but has spent much of the year on the defensive side as a linebacker alongside his friend and fellow Deacon commit Kyle Jarrett.

"We've always been friends and it's been awesome playing linebacker together to see who can make the tackle first or the big play, and knowing we're going to be playing together for another 4 or 5 years after this," said Stamper.

Stamper hasn't gotten much time at safety this year, and while he feels like he's gotten smarter on the field in reading coverages and seeing the field, he says that learning more about playing safety is one area of his game he knows he needs to work on. He also indicated he definitely wants to gain some weight and improve his speed and agility before he gets to Wake Forest.

Stamper didn't have exact stats on his defensive performance so far this year for West Forsyth, but estimates they look something like this: 85 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 1 inteception, a couple of fumble recoveries, 3 or 4 sacks, and a touchdown on a blocked punt. He also had a touchdown called back on a fake punt he ran in last week because of a penalty.

But how does a linebacker/safety end up handling all those kicking duties? Said Stamper, "I used to play soccer growing up and started playing football in 7th grade. Our kickers leg was hurting and I so I took over."

When asked how he's done so far, Stamper responded, "I haven't missed a PAT yet." As to whether or not Wake's resident kicker extraordinaire, sophomore Sam Swank, should be concerned about Stamper's kicking prowess, he joked, "[Swank] shouldn't worry about it."

Being in the Winston-Salem area has afforded Stamper to catch all the Deacons' games and stay in constant touch with the coaching staff. And while he sees Jarrett every day, Stamper said he's been in contact with other Deacon recruits and commits during the season.

"I met Skylar [Jones] and Brandon [Pendergrass] on their visits. I met Doug Weaver at Clemson game and Michael Hoag at Liberty game...they're both huge," commented Stamper. "Last game I met with Matt Boyer and hopefully we can get him to [commit]."

Stamper's West Forsyth team currently sits at 7-2 on the season with two regular season games left to go. Said Stamper, "[During] the summer workouts we knew we were going to have a good team. We had one loss against Parkland in OT and we really feel like we should be undefeated right now. We're on a good streak though."

However far the Titans go this year, you can be sure that Stamper will play a large role in getting them there.

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