Q&A: Skylar Jones

With over 600 yards passing and 10 TDs in his last two games, Skylar Jones' stats have looked a lot more like something out of a video game than a high school football game. DeaconSports caught up with the WF commit to find out the latest.

DeaconSports: Talk about the season so far. I know 3 of your 4 losses have been to teams ranked in the top 10 in the state.
Skylar Jones: We've played some very talented teams and unfortunately we weren't able to come through with any victories. But we've been hitting on all cylinders the last few weeks. For me personally, I'm doing great, staying healthy.

130 points in two games is pretty amazing….
Yeah, our defense has been playing a whole lot better and getting turnovers and getting us the ball, and scoring some points as well. Offensively, our offensive line has been doing a great job protecting me and letting me make all my reads.

Describe the offense you guys run.
I would say we run Texas Tech type offense, or West Virginia. We do a good job throwing and running it.

Two games ago you had over 100 yards on six carries, but last game you didn't run once.
Yeah, I really didn't find the need to run the last game. I scrambled, but never tucked the ball and took off.

What's your favorite play to run?
Our bread and butter play is where the outside receivers run a 15 yard hitch and the slot receivers run a corner-post or post.

What areas of your game do you think are better than last year?
Pocket presence. Staying in there and knowing when to escape and when to stay.

Where kinds of things are you looking to improve going forward?
I can work on my footwork, making sure I don't get lazy feet. It hasn't been a problem this year but it's something I still work on.

At 4-4, any prospects for post-season?
Mathematically we're not out, but we're not in. We need a little help to get in.

Any special reason you wear #14?
No real reason. I wore that my freshman year and stuck with it.

Who do you pattern your game after?
I've always been a Dan Marino fan. He's a competitor.

How many WF games have you gotten to see this year?
I saw Syracuse in person, and saw the NC State game last week and the Clemson game.

What did you think?
I was a little nervous when State was driving the ball last series, but Josh got the INT for us. It's good when you can win your HS game and then win your college game too.

So is there a lot of talk in Middletown about the Deacs?
Oh yeah, everybody talks about it. Everybody was saying WF is a basketball school, but I told them they were gonna be a surprise.

When you watch a game are you looking at anything specific, or just sitting back as a fan?
I do both really. I cheer 'em on and watch the schemes the offense uses and plays they run.

Firm verbal or still talking to other schools?
I'm a solid verbal. Haven't really talked to any other schools.

Any other visits planned?
I'm planning to go back down to WF for the Virginia Tech game.

Grades and tests all good?
Fully qualified. My GPA is a 3.3.

What are you planning to study?
I'm not really sure. Probably something in the health field.

Have you been talking to any other WF commits or recruits?
Only commit I really talk to a lot is Brandon [Pendergrass], we text a lot. I've been texting Matt Boyer lately and talking to him about coming to Wake. I talk or text with Coach Mack and Coach Mullins just about every day.

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