Wake Forest Fit Best

Will Wright is a tight end and defensive end from Hoggard High in Wilmington, N.C. that is just starting to figure out how to play football according to Hoggard head coach Scott Braswell. That did not keep a school from offering and Wright made a commitment recently.

"He is a 6-5, 240 pound tight end and defensive end who committed to Wake Forest last week," said Coach Braswell. "I believe they are looking at him at defensive end but he is a versatile kid that could play offense or defense. He plays both ways for us."

Wright entered high school with plans to play basketball, but decided to play football after his freshman year.

"Came out for football his sophomore year on varsity and served as a backup as a sophomore and then I think he started to come on strong in football his junior year. What really switched his switch was doing some of the combines and camps and seeing some of the interest he was generating in football. Coming into high school, he probably saw himself as a basketball player. A 6-5 power forward isn't as attractive as a 6-5 tight end and defensive end in football."

Coach Braswell said East Carolina, South Carolina, and NC State all showed interest, but Wake Forest was the best fit.

"He is a high academic kid with a 4.0 gpa, so the academics at Wake Forest really attracted him."

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