Quotable: Steed Lobotzke

Wake Forest offensive coordinator Steed Lobotzke, otherwise known as "Coach Lobo," spoke exclusively with DeaconSports following the Demon Deacons' 9-6 win over Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship.

DeaconSports: Wake Forest just won their 2nd ever ACC title. What's going through your mind right now?
Coach Lobo: "First, I can't believe how many fans are here. The way we traveled today is amazing. I am shocked. It felt like a home game with those people behind us. It was awesome with them here. This is the best we've traveled since I've been at Wake Forest, maybe by four times as much. I think when we went in at half, and they were cheering us, not booing us, that meant everything to our kids and we came out and played hard in the second half.

DeaconSports: We saw some new schemes today with a couple of running backs at the quarterback position.
Coach Lobo: "We were just trying to give our traditional runs a little bit different look. And we were trying to create some numbers advantages by having Kenny [Moore] and De'Angelo [Bryant] in at the quarterback spot. There are some schematic things there and tendency breakers and numbers advantages. In the end, we got together as a staff, worked out the kinks of all that yuck, and put it all in this week. It really helped us getting things going in the second quarter.

DeaconSports: You didn't put up many points, but your team got the job done and pulled out the win. Are you satisfied with that you accomplished offensively?
Coach Lobo: "As far as getting things done, I don't know if you can say nine points is getting it done, but our whole thing this year has been taking care of the football and we took care of the football and didn't beat ourselves. We knew if we didn't beat ourselves, our defense is so good, we could win this game. Then I just got off my ass and started to call the passes in the second half and our kids got it done.

DeaconSports: Your offensive coaching staff put together a new scheme with Moore and Bryant at quarterback in just one week. Now the Orange Bowl coming up, what can you do with a full month?
Coach Lobo: "Ahh, we'll have to let our opponent figure that one out."

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