Quotable: Steve Vallos

Postgame comments from Steve Vallos following Wake Forest's ACC Championship Game win over Georgia Tech.

It was a low scoring game, but you guys pulled it out. About what you expected?
Steve Vallos: I thought it was going to be a shootout, especially how it turned out being that 3 point game and nobody scoring touchdowns. With all of the playmakers on the field, it was surprising.

But you don't care?
Steve Vallos: I don't care, just so we won. That was our goal and that's been our goal all season. It might be ugly, but it's a win.

What was it like going over and meeting with the fans when you went over in mass?
Steve Vallos: It was great. Our fans traveled well all year and then to culminate to this. They only had a week to plan it and I'm thinking at least half our student body came down. We're such a small school. It was good to see that kind of support.

Could you hear them during the game?
Steve Vallos: Absolutely, the whole game.

Have you had time to think about how special this is with this program and what you've done for it?
Steve Vallos: Definitely. We always watch a highlight video from the previous week and last night there was a picture from the lone ACC Championship Wake Forest has won from 1970. It was an old black and white photo. For us to be picked last and come out and win it is something I'll never forget.

Wake had some new wrinkles in the playbook this week. When were they installed and what did you think of them?
Steve Vallos: They were installed on Monday. Putting the running back at quarterback adds and extra blocker. Kenny did a great job with it and De'Angelo ran it a few times. It was great and really caught them off guard I think. It was really helpful, especially on our first field goal, getting us down there.

Now you're heading the Orange Bowl. Your initial thoughts?
Steve Vallos: It really hasn't set in yet that we're going…I'm happy and so proud of our coaches and our team and our whole school and fans to get a chance to be a part of it.

After the third quarter, did you notice the Georgia Tech players holding up five fingers to honor Luke Abbate?
Steve Vallos: I thought that was great respect. For them to know that, it was great respect to Jon, his family, and our whole team for them to know about that and sharing that with us.

When you committed to Wake 4-5 years ago, did you ever think you would be playing and winning an ACC Championship and heading to the Orange Bowl?
Steve Vallos: I don't know about an ACC Championship. I knew we were going to be competitive and turn the program around in a different direction, but I never thought it'd be this.

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