Quotable: Willie Idlette

Deacon wide receiver Willie Idlette speaks with DeaconSports

On his reception setting up Wake's winning field goal
Willie Idlette: It was a good call by Coach Lobo. Riley told me before, if I have one-on-one coverage he's throwing it up. I kind of got behind the safety, he put it up in the air, and I came back and made the play.

On his huge block freeing Riley Skinner for extra yards
Willie Idlette: I always tell Riley – Once you start scrambling, if I'm running back towards him, that doesn't mean I want the ball. I'm trying to get back to block for him so he can get some more yards.

On the feeling of winning the ACC crown
Willie Idlette: Amazing feeling right now. It's been 36 years since Wake Forest has done this. I don't think it's really sunk in for a lot of people. We're just going to head back to Winston-Salem tonight, enjoy the win, and get ready for the Orange Bowl.

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