Orange Bowl: Friday Practice Quotes

Quotes from Deacon players after Friday's practice at the Orange Bowl.

Redshirt junior tailback Kenneth Moore
(On the weather in Miami)
"The first day was rough, getting used to the sun and humidity. Today people started adjusting more - staying hydrated and drinking fluids - so that by Tuesday, we will be ready to go."

(On local fan support)
"At our hotel, we have seen a lot of Wake Forest fans. Locally, people that aren't affiliated with the university are welcoming us. It's a good feeling seeing people here (in Miami) that are wishing us well and telling us good luck. It makes you feel at home seeing people that you don't even know but know who you are and wish you well in the game. That's always a good thing because we are away from home and not around our family and friends."

(On earning a spot in the Orange Bowl)
"We definitely earned it. You don't get here for nothing. You have to work hard because this is the Orange Bowl. Great teams and athletes have played here. It's definitely an honor and something that we've worked hard for all year. We are here enjoying ourselves but we're working hard so we are ready to play on Tuesday."

Redshirt senior free safety Josh Gattis
(On the second day of practice)
"It went well. It gave us a chance to get out in the weather and get some conditioning in. It was our first day in pads after starting practice yesterday. We're really just focused on Louisville."

(On the support from the local community)
"Everywhere you go, you are treated first-class. The facilities are great. You couldn't expect to be in a better bowl game than this. They treat you as if you were the President. It makes you feel really good because you worked all year long for it."

(On the exposure of Wake Forest in the south Florida area)
"With the successful season that we have had, a lot of people are paying attention to Wake Forest. When we go out in public, everyone is congratulating us. We went to the mall the other day and we ran into Wake Forest alumni, who were congratulating us. People start introducing themselves to you and you realize how much the community is embracing you."

(On Wake Forest fans making the trip to Miami)
"Our fan support has been amazing this year. I believe everyone and their parents are coming to this game, regardless of if they made it to a regular season game. We're going to have a great turnout on January 2. We all look forward to seeing familiar Wake Forest faces in the crowd."

Redshirt sophomore place kicker Sam Swank
(On the second day of practice)
"It went well. We're at the level we need to be at right now. The first practice you take it all in, and increase your levels as you go through each drill. Today we continued that and performed well as a team. The facilities are great and the field conditions are fine. I don't think we'd want to be anywhere else practicing."

(On the team's focus)
"We are here to win a game. We are blessed to have the opportunity to play in the Orange Bowl but the win is the most important thing on our schedule."

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