Orange Bowl: Saturday Player Quotes

Quotes from Deacon players Saturday at the Orange Bowl.

Kenneth Moore:
On the Orange Bowl
This isn't just any regular game, this is the Orange Bowl, so you want to come out here and be ready for. My ankle's still hurting a little bit, but overall, I'm good. I'm about 95 percent. I expect to be 100% by gametime.

On playing running back
I played running back in high school, a little slot position, a little in the "wing T," so adjustment wasn't too hard for me, not something I'm not used to doing so making that adjustment I felt comfortable. The other thing is not running routes and cutting quick and everything moves fast in the front. The N.C. State game was my big game of running reverses and ever since then I got more and more and was ready to go.

On his thoughts on Wake's potential coming into the season
Right in the beginning of the year, I felt we could go undefeated. We came in confident and I thought we'd be ready to go. We had a real good summer preparing and working hard and it was kind of hard for us when we had our injuries come in when Ben [Mauk] and Micah [Andrews] went down, but we overcame those and people stepped in the positions they needed to be in and now we're in the position we are in now. Each game we feel more and more confident and the two losses we did have was a learning experience for us in learning what to do and how to handle losses and that helped us to where we are now.

Wide Receiver Kevin Marion:
Thoughts on winning games even though statistics aren't in Wake's favor
If you really look at the numbers, you'll get stuck on the statistics, but when you win a game, none of that really matters. If you go back to the game against Duke, we only won by a point, I think, but we won. We understand statistics are very important, but when you're in a big game like this, winning is winning.

On Ben Mauk's injury
When Ben Mauk went out, I really didn't know what was next. I knew we were going to change somewhat in the offense, but I didn't know who was up next at quarterback, so it was kind of different. Before that, we weren't really throwing the ball that much, so the concern wasn't really about throwing the ball, it was just about what was going to be our offense.

About Wake Forest's big play potential
It really starts at gametime. We know what we're doing all week. A lot of people know we have big play potential, so its not really a surprise, its just when is it going to happen. We're doing a lot of things now- when it comes to championships, every team has a trick play so they'll probably have a couple trick plays, we'll have a couple trick plays, but the key is to stop them.

On adding trick plays to the offense
As a player, I see they're not satisfied, so I shouldn't be satisfied, but we have to add things because our opponents add things also so we just have to keep running a good game plan and throw in a couple of trick plays to keep teams on their heels

Quarterback Riley Skinner:
On being in South Florida
It's been great. You can't get treated much better than this. I've never been down here; I'm from Florida but I've never been down here. Being able to go see South Beach, we were over at the Hard Rock Casino last night, just doing a bunch of things with your team and with your buddies. You know, things that you don't really think about doing on a football trip. The game room, the hotel is unreal and, you know, the Orange Bowl just does a great job of putting on the venue. I'm just so happy to be a part of it. I think it's just going to get better. The last couple of days have been more tied down in the hotel, getting game-ready. We've just been treated like kings it feels like, and I can't complain about it at all.

On Louisville's Defense
They're unique in their coverages; their coverages tie to their blitzes and things like that. They're a lot more different than any I've seen or any of the teams we have played this year. They're fast and they're real well-coached, and it's gonna be tough to put up a whole bunch of points but we know we're gonna have to because they have an explosive offense, obviously. We're definitely gonna have to put up a bunch of points and try to get off to a fast start early, and just try not to give up any big plays that could change the momentum real quick.

Offensive Lineman Steve Vallos:
On being in Miami
It's been amazing. We've had a real good time doing everything and we've just gotten first-class treatment. It's been more than I've ever expected.

On Louisville's Defense
They've got eleven really good players, and they don't really have any star players but just a real good unit. They were one play away from playing in the National Championship game.

Wide Receiver Willie Idlette:
On Miami
I'm absolutely excited to be here. They've definitely treated us well while we've been down here. It's great to come down here and get this kind of treatment.

On Louisville's Defense
Their defense is really good. We've watched them on film and just going through practices we've been working on the things that we need to do. We're the underdog in this game and we've been the underdog all season so we like our odds. We really don't take those things into consideration. We've been underdogs all season so we're used to it. I think their starting corner got hurt, but they're a good football team so they'll come just as ready to play as we will.

Offensive Lineman Steve Justice:
On the Orange Bowl experience
It's been absolutely amazing. With the hotel and the food, I can't complain. On the past season
[The season] has been absolutely amazing. Being picked second-to-last or last in our division in the ACC and kind of surprising everybody has just been fun for our team. To come out and play hard and play how we know to play, it's been in the back of our minds saying 'I think we can do this. I think we can make a run, and actually doing it, it's been awesome for our school and for our team. It's been called a Cinderella story but I wouldn't say it is so much. It's just been fun and I think we've had it in the back of our minds that we think we can do it and we've really come together as a family and a team. On being underdogs
That's how it's been all year. We like to be underdogs, coming in as the surprise team and hopefully pulling out a surprise win, it'd be nice. On Louisville
They're great all around. We haven't really gotten to watch the offense but we know they're good, and their defense is very fast and very physical, and good guys on defense. We just got to come out and play like we've been playing all year.

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