Deacs make contact with 07 sleeper

Less than two weeks ago Javarris Barnett played the best game of his career. Now the 6-5, 185-pound SG has been reached by more than 35 schools and has become a hot name on the recruiting trail.

When Charlotte (N.C.) Victory Christian Academy faced off against their rival Charlotte (N.C.) Christian in the Boojangles Shootout Barnett emerged with a 25-point performance that included multiple three-pointers and a fadeaway.

Since then Barnett's recruitment went from minor interest from a trio of low level programs to the likes of Wake Forest, Kansas and Clemson inquiring about the late bloomer.

"He and his father are kind of overwhelmed. I think it was kind of like a flood. The flood gates just opened and we've been in communication with his father and his father asked us to help him out because it was unreal."

But there have been plenty others that have made the call as well. St. Johns, ECU, Arizona State, Miami (FL), Vanderbilt, Clemson, Providence, Illinois and South Carolina have all talked to Javarris, his dad or Victory Christian coach Mike Pratt.

Barnett's first game since his emergence was last Thursday and a pair of schools made the trip to Charlotte to check him out.

"Kansas and East Carolina came last Thursday," Coach Pratt said. "That's the only game we've had thus far. Some [schools] are trying to wait until we play Charlotte Christian again. We play them on the 26th and they want to see him them."

According to Pratt the Demon Deacons were among the first to make contact about Barnett. He said the Deacs have made an attempt to see Barnett but they've had multiple scheduling conflicts.

"I've talked with Pat Kelsey probably three or four times. The challenge with Wake is that Wake has had there games fall on the same nights that our games are. He is going to try and get to a practice in the very near future and probably get a chance to meet Javarris and talk with them and get to know him."

Barnett also gets it done in the classroom. He boasts a GPA over 3.5 and his test score is well above average. Pratt said academics are important to Barnett and they'll factor into the equation.

"I think they are really going to look at the programs because he's a very good student as well and I think his father wants him to go somewhere that will take care of him academically and spiritually as well as basketball too."

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