"I Can't Imagine Going Anywhere Else..."

A week ago, recently committed tight end Cameron Ford made his official visit to Wake Forest. The 6'4, 212-pound athlete enjoyed his visit and spoke with DeaconSports afterwards concerning his trip.

"It was great," Cameron Ford said of his visit. "I saw the campus from the outside when I visited before and didn't get through it and to the quad, but it was bigger than I thought and it was really nice," he noted. "I can't imagine going anywhere else once I saw it. It was really nice, it really was."

In addition, Ford was thrilled with his interactions with players and coaches in Winston-Salem. "All the coaches were great," he said. "Watching them and how they act is really cool. They're a first class act all around."

On his visit, Ford was able to meet with these coaches and players. "We talked to the academic counselor, toured the campus, hung out with the players and met some students. I met some of the recruits too. I met Kyle Jarrett, Doug Weaver, Uriah Grant, and Mike Williams."

Ford, who was hosted by fellow South Carolina native Trey Bailey, is now finished with his official visits and is now focused on enjoying the rest of high school and getting ready for Wake Forest. "I'm working out, taking some guitar lessons, stuff like that he said."

Ford will sign with Wake Forest on signing day and will enroll in Winston-Salem for the second summer session.

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