Recruiting On The Rise For NC Center

Reggie Johnson's evolution into a basketball player has taken a few years, but the Winston-Salem (NC) Prep standout is starting to turn the corner. Johnson's become a regional priority and is starting to gain college interest.

It wasn't until Reggie Johnson's freshman year of high school that it clicked.

"I didn't really take basketball serious until it came in mind that I could be a great basketball player in this game called basketball," Johnson said. "I started getting dedicated to the game of basketball."

Now the 6-foot-8, 260-pound junior, who has lost 35 pounds, is getting looks from high major schools and has vastly improved his game. The big guy is much more mobile and is capable of scoring on the block.

"I believe I played good. The transition from last year to this year with me running the floor was a big difference. I helped my team night in and night out."

"I have seen a big difference. I can get up and down the floor almost at ease now. It's just been a big difference. I can really make the transition from one end of the court to another now."

Johnson's strong play has parlayed into interest from college coaches. At this point Johnson said he talks to Xavier, Clemson, VCU, Fairfield, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Florida on a consistent basis.

Of all the schools recruiting him only Fairfield has offered a scholarship, but he thinks Xavier is about to send one his way as well. Johnson's hometown school, Wake Forest, has been in contact with him, but he's receiving mixed messages from their staff.

"At times I feel they are interested and at other times I feel like they are just waiting back. I talk to them on a regular basis and they tell me they want to recruit me and they want me at Wake. Then sometimes I don't hear from them for a while."

However, Johnson made it clear that he has a strong interest in the Deacs.

"I love them. I know a lot of players that go to Wake Forest. I really am a big fan of Wake Forest. I'm rooting for them, bad. All they got to do is just get better.

"I go to a lot of games. I haven't really been on a visit to Wake Forest, but I have been to a lot of games and I've been on the campus."

According to Johnson his recruitment is still in the early stages and he hopes to takes some visits this summer. He also said he'll likely run with Boo Williams on the club circuit and he plans to attend Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge on March 24th.

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