New Schools Enter Picture

Going to boarding school has its perks, but communication in recruiting is certainly not one of them. Often times players end up getting their information second or third hand and have little opportunity to speak to coaches themselves as Clark Maturo explained to

While Clark Maturo may attend the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn., that is not where he calls home the rest of the year. While interest in this 6-foot-5, 303-pound offensive tackle is certainly not lacking, some of the information is coming to him second hand through family and friends.

"Army has been sending a lot of information to the house, so my father has been talking to me about it over the phone," Maturo explained. "They said they want me to come down and see what West Point has to offer and I'm interested in learning more about them, so I'll be visiting them early. I know that going into a service academy is a different level of commitment all together and I need to see if that is an experience that is for me or not."

"I took a trip down to Wake Forest over my break as well," Maturo added. "I met with the offensive line coach (Steed) Lobotzke, Head Coach Jim Grobe and then their recruiting coordinator Coach (Ray McCartny) gave me a tour of the campus and facilities after we were done talking."

"I really liked a lot about Wake Forest. They're the size of school that I'd like to attend and they've got a great football program. I think I'd also like to go to school in the South and get that experience and I got a really good feel for it down there. The vibe I got while on campus just felt right and I was very impressed with everything from the academics, to the facilities, to the campus and even the stadium."

Temple was also recently at Hotchkiss to talk with Maturo about their program and showed significant interest in the big man. Right now he has plans to camp at Wake Forest on June 10th and may also camp at Virginia, Temple, Dartmouth and William & Mary this summer. Maturo currently carries a B average in classes and reports a score of 1210 out of 1600 on his SAT.

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