Nike MDC: Al-Farouq Aminu Q&A

At the Nike MDC, Al-Farouq Aminu proved why he's ranked among the top wings in the country. The 6-foot-8 forward sat down with DeaconSports for a question and answer session!

How would you grade your performance during the spring?

For the spring I think at times I've played real good. I think what it was, was I exerting too much energy, not to say I wasn't playing hard, but if I need to make more efficient plays and not exert so much energy.

How was it going up against Greg Monroe especially since a lot of guys have him ranked number 1?

I think when I played him in Houston that it was big for me, but this time it was just like he was a normal player.

How do you think you compare to Greg Monroe?

We are both good players. I think we both play different kind of games. He's more in the paint and more face up in the paint. I'm more on the wing.

How is the recruiting process going?

It's going real hard right now. I'm thinking about trying to narrow it down by the middle of the summer and start to make it to two or three and choose from there.

What schools are hitting you really hard right now?

UNC and Georgia Tech are really making it known that they want me. So is Wake Forest and Florida.

Can you talk about each school and what you like about each of them?

UNC they make sure that they always stay in the back of my mind. They make sure that they stay in contact a lot. Georgia Tech makes sure they stay in contact, but they make sure they don't over do it. I kind of respect that too. Wake Forest they are the same way as Georgia Tech and so is Florida.

Anything in particular you like about Wake Forest?

I like the point guard that goes there. I heard he averaged the most assists in the ACC and a good point guard is always good. Also it's kind of a small school and I might want to go to something like that and I like the coach.

Are you going to be visiting on the 30th?

Yeah. It's going to be me and my mom.

What position are you getting recruited to play by most schools?

It kind of varies. Most of them see me exactly what I kind of do - a three/four. A guy who is a three most likely that can play in the post.

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