TOC: Earnest Ross

As a member of the class of 2009, "Earnest" Ross has set about to prove himself to college recruiters in "Earnest" fashion.

Enough with the jokes, this is one very good basketball player regardless of his young age. With a physique more reminiscent more of an 18-19 year old than a 16 year old, Ross has started work on the mechanics of his game in order for it to look as mature as his well toned body does.

In an interview with DeaconSports, we learn a little more about the recruit with a big upside from Panther Creek High School in Raleigh. After his Friday night game at the TOC, we had a chance to sit down and talk to him while he was icing a hurt ankle sustained earlier in the contest.

DS: How is the ankle?
ER Oh, it's okay. I will be fine, just turned it a little.

DS: Before the injury, how do you think you played tonight?
ER: I could have played better but I am just coming off a break because we have been out of school already.

DS: I know it is early yet but who are you looking at for college?
ER: I am looking at Wake Forest, UNC, NC State, and Clemson right now.

DS: Grades doing pretty good?
ER: Yes sir.

DS: Will you play at Panther Creek again next season?
ER Yes sir.

DS: Do you think you will have a pretty good team?
ER: Yes sir we are going to be real good.

DS: What position do you play in high school?
ER: I play the 2 and the 3.

DS: Where do you see yourself playing in college?
ER: Probably the 2 and 3 but it depends on where they need me.

DS: How tall are you Earnest, 6'4"?
ER: Yes sir a little over 6'4" and I think I am still growing.

DS: You look like you have really hit the weights.
ER: Yes sir! My coach has us in the gym lifting weights. I am up to about 208 pounds right now and I am working real hard because when I go to the hole, I don't want anybody forcing me off the way in.

DS: What is the best part of your game?
ER: Driving to the basket and scoring it.

DS: What area are you weakest in?
ER: Ball handling. Although I feel pretty comfortable with either hand, I do need to get better there.

DS: How about your shot?
ER: It is good but could be better and it will be.

DS: Do you prefer to shoot from three or from closer?
ER: I prefer the mid range game where you drive and stop and pop.

DS: Tell me your opinion on Wake recruiting you.
ER: I have a high interest in Wake, I really like them and they are at the top right now.

DS: What do you know about Wake?
ER: They are a great academic school and have a lot of North Carolina kids on their team so I have seen them a lot and really like their coaches and players.

DS: Thanks for your time Earnest and I hope your ankle gets better.
ER: Yes sir, thank you.

Look for us to keep in touch with Earnest as he develops his games for the next couple of years but make no mistake, he is already very good and seems focused on getting better. While he does not talk a lot, he is very articulate and sincere when he does.

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