Nation's #1 SF Talks WFU Visit

When you are rated the #1 small forward in America, you're bound to get all sorts of attention and continuously be on the run. From camps and tournaments on the basketball court to letters, phone calls, text messages, and unofficial visits off of the court, Al-Farouq Aminu has been a busy man over the past few months.

"Sometimes it's overwhelming, but then again you appreciate that people are interested in you," Al-Farouq Aminu said Monday evening. "The letters have gone down a lot because I've narrowed it to about three. Still, I text with [schools] a lot. With just three it's not too overwhelming, but still hectic."

Aminu, a 6'8, 195-pound small forward, has narrowed his list down to three favorites and has visited each of his finalists. "My top three are UNC, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest," he noted. Each school has offered him a scholarship to attend their respective University.

"At UNC, they've got a big tradition and have great kids that come out of the school every year," Aminu responded when asked what intrigued him about each of his favorites. "They make it far in the tourney each year and it's a good school.

"Georgia Tech is right across the street almost. My brother goes there and stuff like that. It's nice and I could stay home which is the pro about that.

"Wake Forest is the team where you can put them on the map so to speak. They have tradition with Tim Duncan and Chris Paul but not like a school like UNC. You can go there and make your own name and build the program up."

Aminu also recently visited Wake Forest and enjoyed his visit to Winston-Salem. "We really liked it up there," he said Monday evening. "We got up there, talked to the coach, and he talked about the school and all the stuff that goes on in a normal day. I got to meet some of the players there for summer school and they were real good people. It was the nicest thing to see the flow of the normal day at the school."

With visits completed to each of his favorites, Aminu is likely done with unofficial visits. "I don't think I'm taking anymore visits," said Aminu. "I think I want to be done with it and be decided and committed at the Peach Jam [in mid-July.] That'd be a great moment to do it at. If I'm not 100% sure, I might take it down to two schools and take maybe two officials, but if I know for sure, I'll decide then."

Along with keeping in contact with college coaches, mulling over his college decision, and his play on the hardwood, Aminu is also preparing for the SAT. "I do still have to take the SAT," he noted. "I'm enrolling in that now. My mom just started to do all that with me. Grade-wise, I've got to just keep my grades up and do OK on the SAT and schools say I will be good to qualify for school."

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