Quotable: Jim Grobe

Quotes from Demon Deacon head coach Jim Grobe following the Deacons' 20-17 loss to Nebraska Saturday afternoon at BB&T field.

Media: Other than the interceptions, are there any plays that really stand out to you in this game?
Coach Grobe: I don't think so. I might feel different tomorrow after I look at the film. It was a good game, good fight, back and forth with either team having a chance to win late. To their credit, they hung on and got it done and we didn't make the plays. Obviously, turnovers are big plays in games. A couple defensive lapses in the game, but I can't fault our effort. I thought our kids fought hard and gave us a chance. We just couldn't get it done. We had two or three third down situations. That's when you've got to get off the field but they made a few plays...

Media: How would you assess Brett Hodges performance today?
Coach Grobe: "Again, we'll have to get back and see. Obviously, he made some mistakes. He made some youthful mistakes, not age-wise, but he hasn't been there before. This is his first start. Starting against Nebraska is not at the top of the list of the wish list for most quarterbacks. Brett competed really hard today, played as hard as he possibly could, obviously made a couple mistakes. Those are some things we'll just have to work on. He wanted to play better and will play better. I don't know I could give him a grade right now, but I know he played as hard as he could."

Media: What about the last play offensively on 4th down where it looked like Kenny Moore may have been held?
Coach Grobe: Obviously Kenny's our go-to guy and we felt like he had been interfered with but that's there call. They get paid to make those calls. We get paid to coach football. I told our players after the game that we really shouldn't have been in that situation where we had to make hay on the last drive of the game…officiating on the last play of the game, I felt like Kenny was bumped there and kept from getting the football, but at the same time, even if he was, that wasn't the situation we should have been in.

Media: Did [the officials] explain that at all?
Coach Grobe: No, they...no.

Media: Talk about the fine line between winning and losing. Both of these first two games could have been won. It seems like games that could have been won last year, the team always made the play needed.
Coach Grobe: I think that's it. I think we're a team that's played two pretty good teams and just haven't made enough plays to beat good teams. We knew heading into the season we would play two good teams – as it turns out, we've played two top 25 teams and come up just short. We've had a chance to win both of them...

Media: What did you think about Josh Adams?
Coach Grobe: "I liked what he did. I thought he had some burst. I thought he made some nice moves running the football today. I thought he made a couple really nice catches out of the backfield. I like him – I like what he did."

Media: Can you talk about Kenny Moore and the weapon that he is?
Coach Grobe: The nice thing about Kenny – it's good as bad – we like him at running back and receiver. We were able to hand him the ball a few times. We've got him returning kicks and returning punts…he's certainly a very good, good player for us and has been impressive the first two games.

Media: Will Josh Adams see more time next week?
Coach Grobe: It's going in that direction. A lot of times, we'll say one thing today and get in and maybe not feel that way. He added a little quickness and explosion for us today. I thought Micah Andrews played better today. He looked more comfortable. He's a different type of back, a north-south guy, but I thought Micah did some good things. I thought Josh did some good things. We'd like to even see Caparelli get some snaps. We've got some good young backs right now. My guess is we'll try to get Josh some more snaps.

Media: Is there a timeframe for Riley?
Coach Grobe: We don't really know. He's better, he's a lot better. By the end of the week, he felt not probably good enough to go, but a lot better. We'll see how he comes back Monday and what the trainers think of him. I've seen kids do it different ways. I've seen kids come back quicker than others. It's kind of up to Riley on how fast he can come back. The difficulty is having any sort of problem with your throwing shoulder, it's a little tougher to come back. I'm optimistic that he'll be back sooner than later.

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