Quotable: Brett Hodges

Demon Deacon quarterback Brett Hodges talks with DeaconSports about his performance on Saturday and the Demon Deacons' performance against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Demon Deacon quarterback Brett Hodges led the Demon Deacons to 376-yards of total offense on Saturday afternoon in his first career start. It was not quite enough, however, as the Demon Deacons fell to Nebraska 20-17 at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem.

Media: How would you evaluate your play overall?
Brett Hodges: I think I didn't play well enough today. I made some crucial mistakes. At the end of the game, I threw the interception...I feel like I made too many crucial mistakes that hurt the football team.

Media: What surprised you about making the adjustment to game day and being full speed against a team like Nebraska?
Brett Hodges: Everything that goes along with being a starter. The speed, reading defenses quickly and hitting the right receivers – making the reads that have to be done faster than in practice against the scout team.

Media: Do you feel like this was a game considering the score and situation that could have been a big win?
Brett Hodges: It could have been a real big win. Without some crucial mistakes, we might have had that victory. Our defense played great today. They got us the ball back for the two minute drill at the end of the game with a chance to tie or win. But Nebraska is a great team all around.

Media: Do you think Kenny [Moore] was held on the final play?
Brett Hodges: I didn't really see it. I could have made a better throw on that. Regardless of whether he was held or not, it was ruled incomplete. That wasn't the play that decided the game. There were other crucial mistakes and we've got to take what we get.

Media: Do you think Nebraska can compete with USC?
Brett Hodges: Definitely, definitely. They've got a great defense. Watching them on film, playing against them today. They've got a good quarterback and an all around good team. I think they'll give USC a run for the money next week.

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