Quotable: Alphonso Smith

DeaconSports spoke with Demon Deacon cornerback Alphonso Smith following the Demon Deacons' 20-17 loss to Nebraska Saturday in Winston-Salem.

Media: Talk about your team defense this week – do you feel that the team improved from week 1 to week 2?
Alphonso Smith: I think as a defense we improved a lot. It's unfortunate that we couldn't pull it out, but from last week to this week I think we really did a lot better. It's unfortunate we couldn't pull out a win. [0-2,] it's not what we want coming into the season, but we do have 12 games. We have 10 more tries left. 10-2 is still possible. 9-3 is still possible. 8-4 is possible. 7-5 is possible...

Media: Do you think the defense was too conservative on the drive before halftime?
Alphonso Smith: You guys [the media] and fans see it from the sideline, but I knew what happened. We had three mental errors which meant someone had a bust, someone was out of their zone, or didn't do what they were supposed to do on their play call. Same thing happened last week before half. It's unfortunate.

Media: How would you assess your pass defense this week compared to last week?
Alphonso Smith: First of all, Nebraska's quarterback isn't as good as Matt Ryan. That's one. Second of all, I think we needed one game under our belt to get some nervousness in and get the critters out. I think we did it. Kerry [Major] had a great game. Chip [Vaughn] had a great game. Aaron Mason was unheard of last week, he had a great game, especially on the fourth down stop. Kevin Patterson had a great game, Marcus Williams had a great game, and I had an alright game. We didn't win, so I didn't do enough.

Media: What are your thoughts on BB&T Field being your first game back after the Orange Bowl appearance?
Alphonso Smith: "I thought it was a great atmosphere to play in. The crowd was in it with lots of black and then red in there obviously. Nebraska players after the game said this was a great stadium and gave us our props as well."

Media: What can we look for next week from you guys?
Alphonso Smith: Hopefully we can come out with a win. We're going to go in Monday and evaluate ourselves and try to get better in minor things. As you can see, we played hard. We played physical and were aggressive. There are small things we need to get better with to come out with a win.

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