Prosser talks about Deacon freshmen

DeaconSports caught up with Wake Forest head basketball coach Skip Prosser this past week. Prosser talked with DeaconSports on a variety of subjects, including Wake Forest's freshman class.

DeaconSports had the opportunity to talk with Coach Skip Prosser this past week. In our talk, Prosser talked about the Demon Deacon freshmen.

"Our freshman are in shock because of our injury situation with Josh [Howard] and Steve [Lepore] being unable to participate," Prosser said. "There is no model that they can pattern after. It's tough for those kids.

"And Dshamal [Schoetz], our only junior, hasn't played any. In looking for role models, it's difficult for those young kids [but] we're put in a position where we have to count on young kids. And again, that's a daunting proposition."

Prosser also told DeaconSports that he is excited about the potential the freshmen have as well. Stay tuned to for more with Coach Prosser in the near future.

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