Preseason Interview: Harvey Hale

Demon Deacon junior guard Harvey Hale spoke with DeaconSports and other media sources this week as the team prepares for their 2007-2008 season.

Harvey Hale

Q: What is your role this year as one of the older guys?
A: "My job is to work hard and set the tone, be consistent and be a leader"

Q: Do you expect many things to change?
A: "Not really, these coaches have been with Coach Prosser for a long time"

A: "Man, we have some really, really good freshmen and they have really surprised me. These guys have come in and worked hard and not taken any shortcuts. JT is unbelievable to me, I have a nickname for him of "Teague to the League" and he is really going to shock a lot of people. He can really, really score the ball and gets other guys open with the pass. James Johnson is a very skilled player because he can do it inside or outside and is very athletic. Gary Clark is a hard worker, plays good defense, and will hit the open shot."

Q: What difference have you seen from Coach Gaudio to Coach Prosser?
A: "Coach Gaudio is more of a talker than Coach Prosser who was reserved, kind of laid back, until you did something wrong then later he would let you know it. Coach Gaudio will tell you right away when you aren't doing what he wants and I like that and he brings a lot of intensity to everything he does."

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