Quick NC WR Trims List

Wide receiver Emmanuel Byers is one of the top wide receivers in the Tar Heel state this year. Byers has three leaders at this point and plans to make four visits.

Emmanuel Byers is playing for one of the best teams in North Carolina this season. His Ragsdale team is 5-0 and the only undefeated team in the region. With the big scores that Ragsdale has had, Byers has not had the big games, but winning is the important part.

"As long as we're winning, I don't care," said Byers. "We haven't needed to throw the ball too much yet, so we're in good shape. I have about 16 catches for 189 yards so far. I've gotten an interception for an 80 yard return as well."

Byers has been busy off the field seeing several games on unofficials. "I've been to Wake Forest/Virginia, Tennessee/Florida, and Virginia Tech/Arkansas State. I'm taking the SAT on Saturday, but if I get done in time I might go back up to Wake.

"Virginia, Tennessee, and Wake Forest are my three favorite teams. I'll probably choose from one of those three. I'm looking at Virginia Tech a little bit too. Those are the four visits I'm trying to set up; I don't think I'll set up a 5th."

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