Preseason Interview: Ishmael Smith

Demon Deacon sophomore guard Ishmael Smith spoke with DeaconSports and other media sources this past week as the team prepares for their 2007-2008 season.

Ishmael Smith

Q: What is this team going to be like?
A: "We will be very athletic and fast."

Q: Do you think often of Coach Prosser?
A: "Yeah man, I think of him all the time. I spent one year with him and I would take that over 4 years with any other coach in America. Coach taught me how to be a man and learn to grow up fast."

Q: Will there be a big difference from Ish Smith of last year to this year?
A: "Oh man, there is a huge difference but I don't talk a lot about my ability so people will see it on the court, not in my words."

Q: What specifically do you need to do better this year?
A: "I have got to put more pressure on the ball on defense and on offense know when to do things and when not to do them."

Q: What is your impression of the freshmen?
A: "Man they are exciting! Jeff is a talented player who is just as fast as me if not faster and he is also very athletic. James Johnson is a 6'9" three man who is a very impressive kid on and off the court. Then Gary Clark, who I love, plays hard on every play no matter whether you are playing a pick-up game or just goofing around. Gary has a real nice shot and all three of these guys are more ready to play as freshmen than I ever was."

Q: Wake has historically had good big men you could throw it inside to and them score. Who will do that this season?
A: "Man, I am telling you that you better watch out for David Weaver and Chas McFarland because those guys have been working hard and learned by playing against Kyle last year. David played really well when he got in last year and was one of the reasons we played better at the end last year. Then you have Chas who is about the most skilled 7 footer I have ever seen."

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