Walker: "More Than I Expected"

Center Ty Walker, a 7'1, 235-pound prospect from the class of 2008, committed to Wake Forest in early April. After several unofficial visits, Walker finally took his official visit this past weekend along with fellow 2008 commitments Tony Woods and Al-Farouq Aminu.

"Overall, it was real good actually," Ty Walker said. "I spent quality time with the players, stayed in the Marriott, watched the players practice, watched the Black &Gold scrimmage, went to the football game and all that. I did it all. I got a chance to bond with the players, talk to the students, and all of that."

"It was more than I expected," Walker continued. "I expected it to be fun but it was more than that. The coaches treated me well and made us feel welcome. It was a real welcome home. Me, Tony, and Al-Farouq were all comfortable."

Although he enjoyed seeing his future teammates again as well the Black & Gold game, Walker's highlight of the trip was a surprise. "The highlight of the trip was probably when I got a chance to meet the head football coach, Coach Grobe," Walker said. "I got to meet him in front of the entire crowd. They were cheering and saying AT&T."

AT&T [Al-Farouq Aminu, Tony Woods, & Ty Walker,] will all sign with Wake Forest in mid-November. "All three of us will probably sign on November 14th," Walker said. "It will probably be on TV around here."

In addition to the three official visitors, another prospect was also visiting Wake Forest unofficially. "Reggie Bullock from Kinston -- he came up to watch the scrimmage," Walker said. "I've played against him in high school. He's a real good 3-point shooter. It'd be a great addition to have him at Wake Forest and I look forward to him hopefully committing to Wake Forest and playing with him in the future."

This season, Walker will aim for another state title at New Hanover High School, however. "I think we'll be really good actually. We have a chance to repeat. We're a good team. We start Monday."

To prepare for his season, Walker has worked to improve his inside game. "That's mainly all I've been working on is my inside game. This coming season I have to become more of a threat inside. I've come up with a variety of moves and worked on my strength to use the moves. You'll see that a lot more this year. I've been in the weightroom probably more than anyone else and if you watch my game this year, you'll see that."

Walker currently lists himself at 7'1, 235-pounds. Although he has gained weight in recent months, he still plans to add weight before the season. "My goal before the season is about 240," he said. "At Wake Forest, I want to be about 250-255."

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