Robinson Nearing Decision

Terrence Robinson, one of the top athletes in the class of 2008, finished his high school season this past weekend as Klein Oak fell in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Although the loss ends Robinson's senior campaign, it affords him the opportunity to focus on his college decision in the coming weeks.

"This last weekend we lost 27-24," Terrence Robinson said Sunday night. "That was in the second round of the playoffs. I think the season went pretty well overall -- we went 10-2, the best record we've ever had at our school."

For the season, Robinson finished with 2,106 yards rushing and 26 rushing touchdowns in addition to 14 receiving catches for 250 yards and three touchdown receptions. Robinson also completed 6-14 passes on the season.

Although Robinson had hoped for his squad to make a run deeper into the playoffs, the end of the season does give him the opportunity to focus on his recruitment. "It puts me in a position as far as recruiting goes to buckle down and do deep research into the three schools on top," Robinson said. "It's still the same three [Boston College, Wake Forest, and Oregon."]

Through his preliminary visits and research, Robinson notes that two schools stand out as his current favorites. "Out of the top three it'd probably be Boston College and Wake Forest on top," Robinson said. "Oregon isn't too far behind. It's the general school and the feel that put them in the position. All three call and check up on me weekly and send personal mail and all that, I just liked the feel of Boston College and Wake Forest."

"Now's a time to do deep research," Robinson elaborated. "I'm going to do deep research on everything about the schools. The opportunity each college holds as far as their degrees, graduation rates, location of school -- each program is phenomenal in football so that's a plus. I'll look at the coaching staff, how the players feel about the school, everything in general. If I'm going to spend the next 4-5 years at this school, I don't want any regrets."

Robinson hopes to have his research complete shortly and expects to make his decision in the coming weeks. "I want to make it sooner than later," he said. "I want to buckle down in the next week or two and get it done. It'll happen just when it feels right."

Although Robinson has three schools atop his list, other schools have the chance to creep in though Robinson would have to be blown away to consider other options at this point. "My coach talked to Texas and they've been talking a little bit. He's talked to Texas Tech and [Texas] A&M. He told me they talked to him and all asked for tape but that's all I know."

"It could, but actually maybe it couldn't," Robinson responded when asked if local schools offering may change his mind. "It might not be the right fit just because it's a big [football] school. To me, a name means nothing. What they have to offer means everything. I've got to be comfortable."

Robinson has completed the academic standards required to meet NCAA eligibility criteria. Stay tuned to DeaconSports for updates on Terrence Robinson as he edges towards his collegiate decision.

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