UGa Postgame: Dino Gaudio

Postgame comments from Wake Forest head coach Dino Gaudio following Saturday's loss at the University of Georgia.

On Wake Forest's offense against Georgia
I'm very, very disappointed in our offense today. I thought several times, we just gave them the ball. We just dribbled into them. We weren't strong enough with the ball and gave them the ball. I didn't like our mindset going in. I don't think we went hard enough in practice yesterday. I don't know whether everyone was telling them that it was #23 Vanderbilt [we played on Wednesday] and played well. We just gave them the ball. We can't turn the ball over 20 times and expect to win the game.

On Wake Forest's defense against Georgia
We forced [25] or I would like to say we forced them, which leads to their field goal percentage being a little off. Our conversion defense wasn't very good. Our transition defense isn't what it needs to be, we pinched outlets, and I was disappointed in that too.

On getting easy buckets offensively
We're a running basketball team and our break needs to be a 5-man break. It can't be Ish out in front of the pack by himself. We need 5s getting to the rim, 2s and 3s on the wing, but right now we're a 1-man break.

On the Deacs' offense
No question [that their size affected us.] We've got a lot of good stuff that we run. We don't run it hard enough. We've got to run out stuff harder. We've got to do that to pin down and get open on the wings – screen harder, cut harder, and if we do that, our offense will be good but if we don't, it will be as we saw today.

On the eight days until the team's next game
I wish it wasn't after a game like this. I wish we didn't have a break after a game like this where it lingers. I know this – we're going to have their attention where we're going to get after it and go right back to work. It's a problem with exams coming up and when we can grab them around their academics schedules and I haven't begun to look at that.

On the Deacs' upcoming six game homestand
It's a good time to get back home. I think we had built some credibility with what we've done the latter six weeks. I think we lost a little bit of that today. It will be good to get back home – we need that home crowd like we faced at Iowa, at Charlotte, at Vanderbilit, [and] at Georgia.

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