Deacs Go In-Home With Texas ATH

Texas athlete Terrence Robinson wants to make sure that when he makes his college decision, he is 100% sure of his commitment. After pushing it back over the past month, Robinson has decided to continue the process through January and will make another official visit before making his decision.

"It's still going pretty well," Terrence Robinson said of his recruitment. "I don't want to say it is definitely down to two as it sure has kicked in full gear with others asking for highlight tapes, stats, and a lot of people trying to come in late. I talked to Iowa State twice, once last week and once this week," Robinson noted. "Penn State and USC both contacted my counselor. They wanted [transcripts] and film and stuff like that."

With more schools continuing to hop on the bandwagon, Robinson remains busy, talking to handfuls of coaches each week. "It's really how you take it," Robinson said. "A lot of guys get worn out by the recruiting process and talking to maybe eight coaches in a week. But you've got to think that I'm in a good position and not too many high school seniors get recruited so I'm just thankful."

Although a host of schools maintain contact with Robinson each week, two schools remain as his leaders. "I still have it narrowed down pretty well and I really don't want to waste other schools' time if I'm not interested in them. I'm not going to tell a coach there's a good shot at me coming if there isn't. I look at it as I don't want to burn bridges and I don't want to lead any coaches on."

"My top two are Wake Forest and Boston College," he noted. "I do plan on making my decision sometime in January. It really all depends on if something else comes and I'm interested, I might take another visit."

"I am taking an official visit on the 18th of January to Boston College," said Robinson, a lightening-quick prospect who runs a 4.33 40. "I went unofficially but after taking officials, I realize [those visits] are in a whole different ballpark. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to mingle with the players. I know everything about them being good academically and that sort of thing but I want to interact with the people."

According to Robinson, Boston College came to Texas to visit him in-home on Tuesday. Wake Forest coaches Jim Grobe and Brad Lambert were in-home on Wednesday. "They came by the house and we ate some pizza and talked life and football," Robinson said. "They stayed about two hours. It still was a good communication level with the coaches and talking about where I stand with them and where they stand with me. They broke down their athletic program and how it's run and the school plus a million other things. We talked about a wide array of items and it was just a very good conversation."

Robinson also said that he addressed rumors that Coach Grobe may be looking into other jobs including the head coaching position at Michigan. "I don't want to say it has played a factor in how I think of the school, but in all reality people do make moves to better their careers and situations. I talked to Coach Grobe about that [tonight] and he let me know he's staying [at Wake Forest] and said ‘hey this is what I'm doing and what I'm going to do with the program.' For a man, and he's a man, to tell me that is important and I think that he is a man of his word. He seems to be that kind of guy. He doesn't seem to be saying one thing and come back the next day with something else."

In the coming weeks, Robinson will celebrate the holiday season while continuing to research schools, talk to coaches, and take at least one more official visit. Track is also close to starting and he hopes to continue to work on his speed. "I've got to keep the speed up," he said. "I'm doing a little weight program and then hitting the track. I'm trying to run a 4.1. I ran a 4.33 last January at the school and I think I'm faster than last year."

DeaconSports will continue to keep an eye on Robinson as both his track and recruiting heat up in the coming weeks.

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