Boyd Visits Wake Forest

The Tidewater area of Virginia has a rich history of producing elite-level quarterbacks. Over the years, Michael Vick, Ronald Curry, Marcus Vick, Aaron Brooks, and others have played their high school football in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Next in line is Phoebus High School gunslinger Tajh Boyd.

"The area around here has such a rich tradition," Tajh Boyd told DeaconSports this week. "It's great to be a part of it. Some people say I could be the next great quarterback out of here, following guys like Carlos Campbell, Michael Vick, Marcus Vick, Ronald Curry and all of those guys. In Hampton, football is taken real serious. There's no offseason and there's a lot of competition. I just want to be the best."

Boyd has already made a major play towards being one of the best players in the state of Virginia in the class of 2009. In two years as a starter at Phoebus High School, Boyd has led his high school to a 26-2 record and one state title. This past year, Boyd led Phoebus to the state semifinals and a 13-1 record.

Boyd, a dual-threat quarterback, also has the stats to back up his record. Boyd was 131-189 passing on the season, a completion percentage of 69.3%. He threw for 2,059 yards and 25 touchdowns while throwing just six interceptions. His season's passing efficiency ranked as the highest in state in 2007. On the ground, he rushed for 500 yards and seven touchdowns.

Already an impressive prospect on the ground and through the air, Boyd plans to continue to improve his total game in the coming months as he prepares to lead Phoebus on a run to the state title in 2008. "It's basically all aspects of the game [I want to work on,]" Boyd said. "I've got to make sure I can read my defenses correctly. I also know that the throwing windows in college get real tight so I really have to anticipate the routes in a few years. I also want to have good pocket presence so I'm working with that."

Boyd's drive and love for the game has not only brought him to be one of the top prospects in the state of Virginia in 2009, it has also earned him scholarship offers from schools around the country. "I have eight offers, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Boston College, Wake Forest, Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Michigan. I get a lot of mail from pretty much everybody. I don't need that many offers to decide from, but I would like an offer from schools like Oregon, Kentucky, Alabama, and a lot of schools like that."

According to Boyd, he will take unofficial visits and camp at many schools this summer. "I [feel] like I could have a lot more offers if people see me this summer," he noted. "This summer I'm going to do that."

He also plans to take his recruitment through the summer and into his senior football season – perhaps all the way to signing day. "I'm going to make my [official] visits," he noted. "I plan on making all my visits. My coach says no one takes all five but I really want to make sure I find the right place when I commit. Once I commit, I want to be done with it. Some people commit and then look around, but when I commit, it will be final."

Coaches looking to acquire Boyd's services must have a comfort level with the 6', 190 pound quarterback. "Being comfortable with coaches and a real cool relationship with the position coach is important," he said. "Size isn't a big thing and although I would love to play in front of 100,000 fans, if it doesn't feel right and it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. I've got to find the place I'm most comfortable with for my next four or five years."

Early in the recruiting process, Boyd has five schools he feels most comfortable with, although he notes that his list could change week by week. "It's real early right now but schools on my list would right now be West Virginia, Tennessee, Boston College, and Wake Forest. Add Oregon on that list too."

Boyd has future visits planed to Tennessee and West Virginia and has already been to Boston College and Virginia. He also visited Wake Forest this past weekend. "The coaches were cool and real good people and down to earth," Boyd said of his experience at Wake Forest. "You can tell they are looking [for a] certain type of people no matter how many stars. Coach Elrod, he's the quarterbacks coach now. At first, we were with the group an we got pulled to the side and he showed the campus and we met Coach Grobe. As soon as you get on campus you get a real good feeling. The campus was pretty and it was a fun visit. The basketball game -- I had never been to an ACC basketball game -- and it was really pretty loud. I really enjoyed that."

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