Q&A: J.T. Terrell

J.T. Terrell is one of Wake Forest's top prospects in the class of 2010. Recently, DeaconSports' Michael Jennings sat down one-on-one with the Burlington shooting guard.

Michael Jennings: Hey J.T., how've you been?
J.T. Terrell:Good man, working hard at school and in the gym.

MJ: You had a pretty good season at Cummings - do you think things will be as good again next year?
JT: Yeah, we will be strong with most of our guys coming back.

MJ: What part of your game you think you need to work on before next year?
JT: Everything really. I want to work on my handle some and get stronger, passing, but other things too.

MJ: How is recruiting going?
JT: Good, good. Still have a ways to go but Wake and Virginia seem to be the ones really recruiting me hardest.

MJ: Are those your top two?
JT: Yeah.

MJ: If you had to pick one, who would be the leader?
JT: Oh Wake no doubt, Coach Muse and Coach Gaudio have talked to me a lot.

MJ: Does the fact that Wake has some really good big guys coming in help them with you?
JT: Yeah, definitely. I would like to play with good players like that.

MJ: Could you see yourself at Wake and providing some outside offense like Randolph Childress and Justin Gray once did?
JT: Yeah, I mean, that would be cool and I could see myself doing that but I have a lot of work to do to be that good.

MJ: Any other schools you want to recruit you harder?
JT: Yeah, Duke and Carolina.

MJ: Would they jump to the top with Wake if they did?
JT: Probably but I am satisfied with Wake right now.

MJ: When do you plan on making a decision on the school you will attend?
JT: I don't know, maybe not this summer.

MJ: At one time, you were saying you wanted to decide by June. Is that out?
JT: I might not decide by then and wait until fall now.

MJ: What other attributes are you looking for in a school?
JT: Yeah, good academics and a good coaching staff and players I like. Location is a little important but not that much really.

MJ: Who all will be involved in helping you make the decision where to go besides yourself of course?
JT: My mom will be the biggest one.

MJ: Well, thanks for the time and I will be seeing you at some events this year and good luck!
JT: Thanks man, see you around.

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