Harris Earning Big-Time Offers

In between games at the Tournament of Champions this past weekend, DeaconSports had a chance to talk with Mt.Tabor star guard C.J. Harris on his future plans.

Michael Jennings: How do you think you've played here so far?
C.J. Harris: Pretty good, could always be better though.

MJ: Have they got you playing the 1 or the 2?
CJH: I am playing the 1 here for CP3.

MJ: Do you prefer the 1 or the 2?
CJH: Wherever they need me, I really don't care.

MJ: 2 guards have to shoot the ball more, how comfortable are you with that?
CJH: No problem, I love to score.

MJ: How do you feel your shooting is coming along?
CJH: Real good. I have been working real hard in the gym on my shot and feel it is paying off.

MJ: Last night I watched and you had around 25 but almost all of them were either finishes off drives or free throws.
CJH: Yes, that is my bread and butter, taking it to the rack.

MJ: As you go along to higher level of play in college, the guys will be bigger and stronger and zones will cut off penetration to some extent. Shooting from outside would help keep them more honest when guarding you right?
CJH: Definitely, that is why I am working on my jump shot, pull up game, and extending my range.

MJ: Clemson just recently offered you and you have others too that have offered, could you tell us who?
CJH: Clemson, Oklahoma, George Mason, UNC-Charlotte, Davidson, and UNC-W.

MJ: Have any favorites?
CJH: I haven't really narrowed my list yet

MJ: You've expressed interest in the hometown team, Wake Forest, previously. What about if Wake offered?
CJH: I am very interested in Wake and always have been. I have played with the guys other there a lot during the summers and really love the campus and players and coaches.

MJ: What has Coach Battle been telling you about possible getting an offer from Wake?
CJH: He said they are watching me closely and Coach G called the other day and said they were still evaluating and felt they may need a combo instead of just a shooting guard. He said that if I felt I had to make a decision right now, to go ahead, but that they would rather I wait a little longer, maybe 30 days or so and they might come through with an offer.

MJ: Well I know your grades won't be an issue.
CJH: No, I have a 3.5 and my parents won't let me play if I don't get good grades

MJ: Thanks for your time CJ and good luck the rest of the tournament!
CJH: Thank you sir.

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