Q&A: 2010's Justin Martin

Wednesday afternoon, DeaconSports had a chance to talk to Wake Forest target Justin Martin and to get a feel for how his recruiting is going. The 6'7" small forward from Indianapolis plays for the famous Lawrence North High School team that is always one of the top programs in the state of Indiana.

Justin Martin's Lawrence North team is picked as the favorite again for the state championship in the coming season which starts for them just after Thanksgiving. Justin has an all-around game that is attracting attention from a lot of the top programs in the country including schools like Xavier, Louisville, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Indiana, and many others.

There are few things that Justin can not do well on the basketball court and he could very well rise above his current 4-star ranking as time goes on. DeaconSports caught up with Justin this week for an update on his recruiting status.

Michael Jennings: You just visited Xavier and Louisville, so tell us how it went.
Justin Martin: It went really good. I liked both of them and enjoyed seeing the campuses. They both have a lot to offer.

MJ: What is important to you when considering a school?
JM: The relationships with the coaches and current players are both real important. I also want to like the city they are in and the campus of course.

MJ: Do you have any top 5 or top 10 list yet?
JM: Nah, I am wide open right now.

MJ: So Wake is a school that interests you?
JM: Oh yes, definitely.

MJ: Are you planning on visiting Wake Forest?
JM: Yeah, I would really like to do that and am talking to Coach Muse to get it set up sometime soon.

MJ: As far as your college choice, when do you think you might get down to a decision on where you will go?
JM: Maybe just before the AAU season next year or right after.

MJ: What kind of team will you have at Lawrence North this year?
JM: We should be real good and be in the race for the title again.

MJ: When does your season start?
JM: It starts November 26th.

MJ: Well if I don't get a chance to talk to you before you start the season, I hope it goes well for you.
JM: Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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