Postgame Q&A: R. Skinner & B. Robinson

Postgame quotes from Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner and defensive lineman Boo Robinson following Saturday's Demon Deaon loss to Navy in Winston-Salem.

Riley Skinner:
On the game: "Disappointing for sure. Very below average and you can't turn it over like that and win the ball game. That's all on me. I missed some throws and tried to force some balls when they weren't there. I feel terrible for it because our defense played real well in the second half."

Did Navy do anything unexpected? "Not really. They played a lot of drop 8 coverage. They dropped a lot back in coverage and you have to be patient with it and at times I wasn't patient enough. I should have checked down more or just tucked it and ran. There are not a lot of holes in drop 8 coverage. I should have [taken] what they gave us."

You admit to not having your best games the past couple of weeks. Have you been in a passing slump the past two games? "I guess so. I missed a couple of throws tonight where I overthrew them and you can't have that happen. You can't throw bad balls and it really hurt our defense."

Was there a snowball effect on your confidence since you throw very few interceptions? "No. As a quarterback you have a short memory. I felt great during the game and just put the interceptions but I just kept making bad throws which is deflating to the offense and defense. It's all on me. I just need to help the team more and not hurt them."

Boo Robinson
Did you overlook Navy in the first half or did it take time to adjust to their offense? "We knew what they were coming at us with. We played them last year. They got some big plays on us early and the turnovers didn't help us either. It was a uphill battle. We were asking a lot of our offense after we gave up the two early touchdowns."

Their fullback was an impressive player, wasn't he? "Definitely. But you know, we may have needed a wake up call like that. We have a bye week this week then we come back with Clemson."

As a defensive player, how demoralizing is it when the offense turns it over five times? "It's a team game. Anytime the offense turns the ball over then the defense needs to accept the challenge and whenever the defense gives up a touchdown then the offense needs to accept the challenge. It's all a team game. As a defense we just need to stop people from scoring."

Your goals are still in front of you such as the ACC title. What do you take from this game? "Anytime you lose it hurts but if I had to lose it would be early in the season to a non-conference team. We have to come back next week and get our mind right and our feet under us and come out and play against Clemson."

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