Anderson: A Perfect Fit

In July, Wake Forest snagged another top prospect out of the state of Florida as the Deacons received a commitment from Rishard Anderson, a 6'1, 170-pound cornerback. DeaconSports caught up with Anderson's father, Roshown Wilson, for his thoughts on Anderson and Wake Forest.

"[Recruiting] really started maybe three years ago when he was in the 9th grade," said Roshawn Wilson, father of Rishard Anderson. Believe it or not he started getting letters from schools then. The first few were LSU, Alabama, Eastern Kentucky, Penn State, and Duke 2-3 years ago. He started getting stuff early. Now we've got [hundreds and hundreds] of letters but the 1st school I spoke to on official offers was Vanderbilt." Schools such as Syracuse, Rutgers, and Wake Forest followed suit but it was the Demon Deacon staff that sold Wake Forest to Anderson without him ever taking a visit to the campus.

"He really wanted to go where he could fit in," Wilson said. "He wants to come in and start and contribute early. With Coach Ray McCartney at Wake, he's an awesome man. He said things I liked, my wife liked, and Rishard liked. This is why he committed. It is a perfect fit."

"I like the family situation there," Wilson continued. "The last two times I talked to Coach Ray, he's talking with family. It's not a guy out with different people but with his family and you have to set that example for the young men."

With Anderson's commitment, the Demon Deacons picked up another versatile athlete from the Sunshine State. "Basically I compare him with a Deion Sanders," Wilson said. "He plays punt return but his regular position is corner – defensive back. He's mastered that position pretty well at this level and also plays at running back behind another classmate and performs well there. He's versatile on the field."

With the ability to play multiple positions, Anderson could help the Demon Deacons in a lot of ways. However, Anderson is currently slated to start out at cornerback for the Demon Deacons. "To be honest, I think they're going to keep him at corner and once he is used to the program, the way they run offense and defense, he may play other positions while there."

Anderson is certainly excited about his future at Wake Forest. His senior season at American Heritage High (5-2) is his primary focus at this point, however, as he hopes to improve upon a very impressive junior campaign. "Last year they went regular season undefeated but lost in the 2nd part of the playoffs – they went 13-1. This year they're hopefully going to take it to the next level and hopefully go through the playoffs."

Though Anderson's focus remains at the high school level, Wake Forest fans can expect a quality person, student, and player when the Florida native arrives on campus. "His mom's been grooming him to have awesome character when he grows up – the football thing was just icing on the cake," Wilson said of Anderson who holds well over a 3.0 GPA. "He's a good young man, smart, and can play football."

With a full ride to a top caliber school in hand, Anderson and his familiar are excited about Rishard Anderson's future. "We're excited for him and excited for ourselves. But it is about Rishard and he's working hard and is responsible. He may make a mistake and may step off but like I tell him and his two sisters, the measure of a man or woman is when problems arise, how you overcome obstacles is what defines you. Cowards die 1000 deaths – heroes die once."

"And like I told Coach Ray at Wake, when he's up there, [the staff is] going to be his fathers and make him comfortable," Wilson continued. "The girls, parties, and foolishness will be there and you can have fun but you have to learn. He's a gentleman and a scholar. He's going to do good. He's a good young man."

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