Media Day: WFU Player Quotes

The annual Wake Forest Basketball media day was held on Monday October 13th at the Miller Center. All the current players and Coach Gaudio were in attendance and were eagerly anticipating the start of the new season.

Here are some thoughts from the players I had an opportunity to talk with, and some from Coach Gaudio in tomorrows edition.

Harvey Hale
"Chas has the confidence this year because of having played last year. He now knows he can play good and will be even better this year"

"This team will have depth like the Kansas, Memphis, Duke, and Carolina teams that have so much depth they don't miss a beat and I feel that is what this team can get"

"Guys are not going to be able to get into the lane as easy against us. We are going to get more deflections and more fast break points. I am extremely excited about this year"

Gary Clark
"This is the 2nd year we will have played this defense and, as Coach Gaudio says, the 2nd year will be much better than the first year was."

"Defenses will have to play us honest this year with all the size we will have down low"

"I expect great things from all three freshmen because they are all skilled and hard workers."

"We all are learning our roles on this team and will accept whatever role is given to us."

Tony Woods
"I have been working on my post moves and trying to develop some counter moves."

"Practicing against Ty [Walker] forces you to be more creative in your shots or he will block them. Plus David Weaver is very strong and you see how you have to get position and be strong to get rebounds and get your shot off."

"It's different playing in High school against guys that are 5' nothing and have an 8" vertical and then playing against athletic guys who are 7' and it is a big adjustment."

"Coach has been teaching me how to wall up and play defense differently."

"I am getting better every day and Coach has told me I have made a lot of improvement since I have been here."

Jeff Teague
"We have all been coming in and getting extra work on our shots." (talking about Gary, LD, Harvey and himself)

"With Farouq and James driving from the wing and Chas, Tony, and Ty inside, we will get a lot of open shots."

"We have all the tools to be a great team and if we aren't we will be very disappointed."

"The freshmen all listen good and have bought into the system better than we did last year as freshmen."

"I think the biggest surprise has been Ty. I mean we all knew Farouq was going to be good but Ty is going to make a big difference with his shot blocking ability."

Ty Walker
"Farouq is the best all around player I have seen in my lifetime."

"Tony has some good post moves and is working on softening his touch and going out to 12-15' to hit jump shots, which he has done in the open gyms."

"I came in basically as a walking stick, I was 7'-7'1" and 200 pounds and now I am 230 pounds by drinking the protein shakes and working out. Now that I have added 30 pounds, I can bang a little more with Chas, David and Tony."

"I am the type who can go out and hit some jumpshots and be a different type 5, but right now I am more working on my post moves because that is where I will play in the ACC."

"We have unlimited potential on this team because of our depth and versalility."

David Weaver
"I think the sky is the limit for these freshmen. They listen, have good skills, and play with intensity."

"With the freshmen coming in, there will be a fight for minutes and I see my role as being a physical presence out there."

"Hopefully I will be able to go out and hit some shots or drive by some of the slower big guys with my quickness."

"Tony, Chas and Ty are making me better. Ty forces you to make some different moves to get your shot off. If you go up weak in our practices, your shot will be blocked."

"Having the big man depth will help us play more aggressive defense because you know the guys behind you can come in if you get into foul trouble."

"Our guards can pressure more outside because they know we have their back if someone gets by them."

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