Mack Discusses Recruitment

Daniel Mack, a 5'11 ½, 198 pound linebacker out of Miami, Florida made his commitment a few weeks ago when Wake Forest hosted Duke. DeaconSports caught up with Mack this week for his comments on his season, the recruiting process, and his reasons for choosing Wake Forest.

"The football season, it had its ups and downs," Daniel Mack said. "We were a solid team and the playoffs are this week. We ended the regular season 7-3. We played well all season. We were very young but the coaches and players both did a great job."

"This year I've been a better defensive player and offensive player," Mack noted. "I've learned more about the game and how other teams try to attack. I think I've done great at linebacker. I've got improvement to do of course but I think I've made long strides and seeing how offenses are trying to attack me and I make plays I couldn't make before. I think I've also done a good job leading the team."

"Wake Forest, I just knew it was the place for me. It had everything I was looking for in a school. The three bases were to better me as an athlete, person, and student. I felt Wake Forest was the best to get me there based on me. The academics, coaches to get the best out of me, and as a person put the people around me plus the attitude of the coaches and students were the reasons I decided on them."

"The recruiting process was real hectic at first, especially in the spring," Mack recalled. "At first it was like you see the hard work paying off and it paying dividends. Then you see the names and think ‘man, I can be in that uniform playing this school and that school.' You see your dreams coming true as a high school athlete. I can't say enough good things. Head coaches like Coach Grobe or Coach Meyer from Florida who won a national championship would call or write. It was great."

"After a while, I got up to about 30 offers. It was hard to distinguish who was right for me. It was tough to get people in perspective and see pros and cons and where to visit and the process of researching schools was real tough."

"I got it to 10-15 and then moved it to five with UCF, Liberty, Boston College, Wake Forest, and Clemson. From there, the five took care of itself. I didnt visit Clemson because of the coaching staff, I didn't visit UCF because they stopped contacting me, and I visited Boston College and Liberty. Wake Forest was my last visit and I ended up committing on that one."

"I took my official [to Wake Forest] in November, the weekend they played Duke," Mack noted. "It was real good. It was just a visit where I got to see everything and what they had been saying as the staff. I did the Deacon walk with the players and it was great to see the game day atmosphere and work with the academic adviser. The academic presentation is what really sold me on Wake Forest."

With his verbal, the Demon Deacons landed Mack over Wisconsin, Purdue, Auburn, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Rutgers, Florida, Tennessee, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Boston College, and other schools that offered.

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