Paul To Be Featured On SportsCenter

DeaconSports spoke with Chris Paul Tuesday night about a rumor that he would be on ESPN in the near future. Paul told DeaconSports that the rumor was true and that DeaconSports can see him on Sportscenter in the coming days.

"Da da da...da da da!" Next on Sportscenter, Wake Forest basketball signee Chris Paul. That's right, Chris Paul will be on SportsCenter later on this week.

We talked with Paul on Tuesday, and the 6-0 guard out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina said he would be featured on SportsCenter Sunday night. "[The ESPN crew] just left a little while ago," Paul said. They came to the school and watch us practice and then they did an interview with me. They came to my house after that and did an interview with my parents."

"It was questions regarding the 61 points and my grandfather," Paul continued. "They said it's right after Sunday night football this week. It will run Sunday night and they said it would be on Monday morning too. You know how SportsCenter runs." Paul said that Chris Connelly from ESPN interviewed him.

Meanwhile, Chris Paul said his season thus far is "going great." His team is 3-2 so far this season with both of the team's losses coming at the Gonzaga tournament this past week. "I'm doing ok, personally," Paul said. "We've lost those two games but I'd rather lose them in D.C than in the state tournament. We're doing pretty good."

So far this season, Paul has had games of 61, 36, 26, 34, and 27 points, respectively, for an average of 36.8 points per game.

Paul will be back in action Friday night at home against Parkland. Chris was excited that his brother, C.J., will be back home and will attend that game. Hopefully many many other Deacon fans will too.

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