WFU Courting Shrine Bowl Standout

The biggest surprise of the 2008 Shrine Bowl came in the form of a relatively unknown linebacker out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Spencer Shuey, a 6'3, 238-pound linebacker out of Charlotte has since been swamped with college interest from schools including Wake Forest.

Spencer Shuey had a marvelous week of play at the Shrine Bowl and was the talk of the week as he proved he belonged as a high D-I recruit. Colleges have taken note of his performance and have been showing heavy interest in Shuey in the past couple of weeks.

"Things have picked up after the Shrine Bowl," Shuedy said. "I'm kind of glad as I flew under the radar for a while. After the Shrine Bowl, things picked up big-time. This weekend I'm going to Clemson, next weekend was going to be to Chapel Hill but I'm not sure about that and the next weekend is Illinois."

Shuey has yet to develop a formal list as his schedule has been full of calls, letters, and coaches visits. "Actually I've got my hands full, so I haven't thought about school lists," said Shuey who noted that Clemson, Illinois, UNC, and Wake Forest were talking with him currently.

The Demon Deacons are the latest player in Shuey's recruitment. "Wake Forest actually has been talking to me of late," he said. "I talked to Coach Henry and the linebackers coach. I talked to them and they said they're going to go talk to the other coaches and get back to me after they do that."

Shuey may take a visit to Wake Forest in the coming weeks. "I've talked to them about coming for a mid-week visit and we will see if the Carolina doesn't pan out," he said. "They are short on scholarships so that might be out. If so, I'll talk to [Wake Forest] about doing the visit that week."

Shuey plans to take all of his visits prior to making a commitment. "I want to get to each school and take a visit and see where I belong. You can't go wrong with the academics anywhere. I'm going to take all the visits and decide by the end of the month."

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