Q&A: Torgrim Sommerfeldt

DeaconSports caught up with Wake Forest's latest basketball commitment, guard Torgrim Sommerfeldt. The 6'6 Norwegian spoke with DeaconSports about his visit to Wake, his commitment, summer plans, and his rehab process after knee surgery.

DeaconSports: What's your current height and weight?
Torgrim Sommerfeldt: My height is 6'6 and weight is 205.

DS: What position do you expect to play at Wake Forest?
TS: I would expect to play a 2 guard since it is where I'm most comfortable playing. My ability to shoot is a big deal of what I will contribute to the team.

DS: What do you feel is the best part of your game right now?
TS: Right now, I would say my best part of the game is shooting outside the arc.

DS: What do you feel needs the most improvement?
TS: I think I, like almost every player out there, needs to improve on all parts of their game. Mainly, I would say getting to the rim on the offensive end and defense in general.

DS: Why did you choose Wake?
TS: I've always known that Wake Forest was a great school and had a really good basketball program, but on my visit Wake really blew my away! The school and the people are great which was a huge factor for me choosing a school.

DS: On your official visit, what players did you spend the most time with?
TS: I spent the most time with James Johnson. That guy is hilarious!

DS: Do you remember playing against Al-Farouq Aminu at the Hoop Summit last year?
TS: Yeah, I remember him very well. He is a great player and hopefully he will stick around so I get to play with him next year.

DS: When do you plan to arrive in the United States?
That I really don't know, hopefully as soon as school is over and when I've played for the Norwegian national team in the European Championship this summer.

DS: Is that also when you will arrive at Wake Forest?
TS: Yes. Again, it's hard to say, but I guess after the EC I will be there.

DS: What are your plans between now and arriving on campus?
TS: I'll be working on my game and getting ready for the EC with the national team.

DS: With the potential for a few players going pro, what have the coaches told you in terms of perhaps needing you to play immediately?
TS: We haven't really discussed playing time other that playing time is earned in practice. If they need me to play right away, that is an opportunity I would make the most out of!

DS: There have been a few folks here asking about a knee injury. Did you have an injury previously and, if so, when was it and how is the knee now?
TS: I had surgery 6 months ago on both my knees (jumpers knee). I'm going to rehab every day, trying to getting back to where I was. Getting back takes time and that's what I'm doing at this point.

DS: Anything else that you may want to tell Deacon fans?
TS: Go Wake!

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