NBA Camp: Travis McKie

Following a sensational performance in the morning session of Day I, DeaconSports spoke with future Demon Deacon Travis McKie for a quick update.

DeaconSports: Talk about your first game today.
Travis McKie: "I missed a couple layups and could have rebounded a bit better or played a little tougher on defense but we won by 15 and I am happy with the outcome."

DeaconSports: You really play hard and non-stop this morning. Is that typical?
Travis McKie: Yeah. I try to get up and down and run the floor. That is what a 3-man does. Get out on the break, take to the rim, dunk it, lay it up, kick it out, or just finish."

Tate Myers: Does your national ranking motivate you?
Travis McKie: "Everything does, but yeah. I can't sit here and lie. I think I should be ranked higher but that's not up to me. I just come out here and play basketball."

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