NBAPA Camp: C.J. Barksdale

C.J. Barksdale was one of a select few 2011 players that were invited to the NBAPA Camp and for good reason. During the first two days of NBAPA camp, Barksdale displayed a real knack and passion for rebounding and the ability to convert down low when given the opportunity. sat down with the talented rising junior for a Q&A.

DeaconSports: How has the camp been going for you so far?
C.J. Barksdale: "It's been going alright. I'm doing the little things like rebounding, blocking shots, running the floor, and scoring when it's my time to."

DeaconSports: Despite getting good position on offense, you weren't getting many touches. Is that frustrating to you or do you just do what you can to help the team?
C.J. Barksdale: "It gets frustrating a bit at some points but I don't let it get to me. I just keep running the court and playing hard. I know it will pay off sooner or later."

DeaconSports: It seems like you will do whatever is need for the team to win. Is that what you are all about?
C.J. Barksdale: "Yes that is all I try to do. I will score when I can but I also will do the little things to help the team win."

DeaconSports: Which colleges are showing you the most attention thus far?
C.J. Barksdale: "Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and UNC is also looking at me."

DeaconSports: Word is you grew up a UNC fan. Is that true and does any team on you list stick out?
C.J. Barksdale: "I was a UNC fan growing up but I am starting to like Wake the most."

DeaconSports:What do you hope to bring to the college you choose?
C.J. Barksdale: "I just want to be able to come into the program and make an impact my freshman year and help the team win games."

Barksdale showed a very high motor and real knack and passion for rebounding the basketball. He is a very good athlete and a teammate that is willing to do whatever is asked of him by the coaches. When given the opportunity, Barksdale showed the ability to post up and attack his defender around the hoop. He was able to finish at the rim as well as kick it out to an open teammate when need be. Barksdale is also a very good shot blocker and has the ability to guard both forward positions.

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