Q&A: Trevor Cooney

It's never too early to take a look at the players in the 2011 class. One of the young men that is making a good name for himself is Trevor Cooney. DeaconSports spoke with Cooney about his AAU season and his interest in Wake Forest.

6'3 shooting guard Trevor Cooney and his AAU teammates with Team Final are coming off of a big tournament win last week at The Rumble in the Bronx. The talented prospect took the time for a little Q&A with DeaconSports.

DeaconSports: How has the AAU season been so far?
Trevor Cooney: "So far it's been going great. As a team we are playing really well. We just won the Rumble in the Bronx which is big."

DeaconSports: How do you feel like your playing individually?
Trevor Cooney: "I think I am coming along well. My teammates really push me and it's hard to play bad with teammates like I have. I just go out there and do my job. My main goal and our main goal as a team is just to win."

DeaconSports: For people who haven't seen you play, describe your game.
Trevor Cooney: "I want people to know I have a good basketball I.Q. I am also a good shooter and can score in a variety of ways. I think I have the ability to make plays on the court."

DeaconSports: Who do you have offers from at this point?
Trevor Cooney: "I have offers from Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia, Wake Forest, Maryland, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Delaware, and St. Joes."

DeaconSports: I heard you visited Wake last fall. How was that?
Trevor Cooney: "I really loved that visit. I loved the campus as well as the players and coaches at Wake. I really like the way they play. I could see myself going there."

DeaconSports: Rumor is you don't want to leave the Northeast. Is that true?
Trevor Cooney: "Right now I have no idea. I go back and forth on that. My mom would like for me to stay close to home so she can watch me play. At the same time, I want to see what is out there. I am open to the idea of playing in other areas for sure."

DeaconSports: What are you looking for in a college?
Trevor Cooney: "The coaches are important. I want to see how their teams play and how they coach. I'm also looking at the type of players they are bringing in. Those guys will be my teammates for four years."

Notes: While watching Cooney at the TOC last month, it was obvious that he can really shoot it. What surprised many onlookers was his athleticism and ability to get by his man and finish. Cooney displayed a great feel for the game to go along with his other basketball skills.

Cooney also mentioned he has been invited to and plans on attending the CP3 camp in Winston-Salem this August.

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