Recruiting Update: Antonio Ford

DeaconSports had an opportunity to talk with Antonio Ford to get his thoughts on how his recruitment is coming along. Ford is a 6'3, 265-pound lineman from Pahokee High in Florida, a school well known to Wake fans as the school that sent Wake one of the ACC's all-time great cornerbacks in Alphonso Smith.

Michael Jennings: How is the recruiting going, Antonio?
Antonio Ford: Going real good.

MJ: When do you see yourself making a decision about your college choice?
AF: I think probably about 4-5 games into the season after I have had time to take my visits.

MJ: Do you have any schools in particular in mind at this point?
AF: Yes sir, I like Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and Purdue.

MJ: Those are all pretty good academic institutions:
AF: Yes sir, I want a good education and those three all will give me that!

MJ: You have previously visited the Wake campus, what were your impressions?
AF: Oh I really liked it, it was beautiful!

MJ: Are you looking forward to starting the high school season?
AF: Yes sir I can't wait and think we will be very good again. This is my senior year so I want to make the most of it.

MJ: When do you start practicing?
AF: We start practicing in pads on August 18th.

MJ: You are capable of playing either the DL or the OL, do you have one you prefer?
AF: I like defense better but would be happy to play either one.

MJ: What position is Wake recruiting you for?
AF: They want me as a DL and so does Vanderbilt. Purdue is recruiting me as a center.

MJ: Do you have any individual goals this season?
AF: Yes sir, I just want to get better and help my team.

MJ: We hope to talk to you again and wish you the best of luck this season and hope you stay healthy.
AF: Thank you very much sir, I have enjoyed talking to you.

Antonio is a polite young man who expresses himself well without a lot of wasted words as you can tell from the interview. He seems like someone who is very interested in getting a quality education and becoming a better football player every year and I would not bet against him doing that wherever he ends up in college.

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